Routers and Modems 101

– To get your home network
connected to the Internet, you need a modem, a router,
or a modem/router combination, sometimes referred to
as a gateway. The basic premise of a network
allows you to move information from one location to another,
such as two laptops on your network that you’re trying to
share information from, or if you’re trying to get a
video streaming service to your television. The modem allows you to
take the connection from your Internet
service provider, translate the data,
and send that to a router, which can then share it with the
rest of your network. You want to make sure your modem
is compatible with your Internet
service provider, or ISP. They should be able to provide
you with a list of compatible modems that will support the
speed you’re paying for. The modem takes the data from
your Internet service provider and translates it so that it can
send it to your router, which allows the other devices
on your network to communicate
with the Internet. A router shares information
with multiple devices on your home network. Think of it like a traffic cop
directing lanes of traffic. The latest router technology
focuses on speed, stability, and security. With the latest wireless
technology reaching speeds of up to
1,300 megabits per second. Those types of speed
allow you to do things like stream online video faster
or backup your data to the Cloud more efficiently. A modem/router combo,
sometimes referred to as a gateway,
has a much smaller footprint than having both devices
separate, meaning it takes up less space
in your home. These devices are generally
easier to configure, but as a tradeoff,
you may not get some of the more advanced
features that you’d see in a standalone router. If you have areas in your home
that you can’t get good Wi-Fi coverage in,
whole home Wi-Fi systems like Eero or Luma
are a great option. They give you multiple access
points that are easy to talk to each other
so you can put them in different rooms of your home
and get a consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout
your entire house. Best Buy and Geek Squad
are here to help. Thanks for watching.

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