Rugged Cell Phones Increasingly Popular As Cheap Back-up Mobile

Rugged Cell Phones Increasingly Popular As
Cheap Back-up Mobile Rugged cell phones are often used by people
that work in tough environments as well as by outdoor enthusiasts that spent a lot of
their time in the wild. However, not everybody wants to carry along
a bulky rugged smartphone at all times. This leaves people with a dilemma as they
like to own a sleek Android phone for their everyday life, however, also like to stay
connected while heading out in nature. This is where cheap rugged mobile phones come
in handy. Take the AGM M1 for example. This cheap rugged mobile phone features an
extremely tough IP68 design, Dual-IMEI numbers, 3G connectivity, and 600 hours of standby
time. Available for less than 50 Dollars at Chinavasion. The sophisticated 2 Inch LED display of this
cheap cell phone portraits everything in bright color – allowing you to use it even while
exposed to bright sunlight outside. Additionally, it comes with a nice 2MP camera
that lets you snap pictures and video of all those beautiful views you’ll experience
during your upcoming holidays and outdoor adventures. For those of you that like to enjoy all benefits
of a rugged cell phone but, at the same time, want to have all regular Android features
at their disposal there is a wide range of cheap Rugged android smartphones available. The Blackview BV6000S is just an example of
one of these cheap Android phones that features a rugged body, great specs, and an extremely
low price tag. Its IP68 design makes this Android mobile
phone resistant against drops, dust, water and more thanks to which you’ll be able
to use it virtually anywhere. 4G connectivity and Dual-IMEI numbers make
the Blackview BV6000S rugged phone perfect for those of you that like to stay connected
at all times. With 16GB of internal memory, Play Store access,
and powerful hardware alike – this cheap rugged cell phone offers plenty of entertainment
possibilities and is guaranteed to keep you busy during your upcoming camping trips. Available for just over 150 Dollars, this
rugged phone is a great back-up for anybody that likes to enjoy connectivity, entertainment,
and efficiency while out in the wild without taking the risk of breaking their expensive
Android phone. For all the people that are searching for
a back-up rugged cell phone, Chinavasion offers a wide assortment containing different models
of these durable devices.

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