So when Samsung announced their earnings a
few days ago they said their smartphone sales are up in Quarter 3 of 2019 and they credited
the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy A series of devices for the increase in numbers. Samsung has gone through some transformation
as of late with its Galaxy A range of devices bringing some value to this lineup. Galaxy A50 has launched 5 months ago and it’s
already one of the best selling smartphones of 2019. So a lot of people are excited to see what
its successor would bring to the table and thankfully today we have the first look of
its sequel, named as the Galaxy A51. Also, we have some key specifications of the
handset. This comes courtesy of Onleaks who as you
already know is one of the top insiders out there. As you can see it has a punch-hole display
and very minimal bezels. It looks like the Galaxy Note 10 from the
front albeit the camera hole is even smaller than the Note 10. I guess the Galaxy S11 is going to have a
similar-sized hole. On the back, it has a very uniquely arranged
L shaped camera setup. Kinda reminds us of the Pixel 4 and iPhone
11 Pro’s camera setup. It consists of a 32MP primary lens, a 12MP
wide-angle, a 12MP telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom, and a 5MP depth camera for better
portrait photos. It also comes with an in-display fingerprint
scanner just like its predecessor and surprisingly there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack. Kinda strange world we live in where flagship
phones don’t come with headphone jacks while budget and midrange phones do. Other specs include a 4000mAh battery, 32MP
front camera, 4 and 6GB of RAM, 64 and 128GB of storage and Exynos 9611 processor which
is built on 10nm process. That said, specs-wise I don’t think the Galaxy
A51 offers much over the Galaxy A50, the majority of the specs are similar. But I think Samsung is banking on the design
this time. It looks like their flagship phones from the
front which when you consider that it’s a mid-range phone is amazing. The bezels are extremely thin and it does
look premium at least from the front. Like I’ve said, the Galaxy A50 was Samsung’s
best-selling mid-range phone in 2019, an extra camera at the back, a premium looking front
would surely help Samsung make the A51 sell even more than the Galaxy A50. But the thing is in order to do that they
need to price it sensibly. Since there aren’t major changes it only makes
sense for Samsung to keep the price the same as the Galaxy A50 if they want to replicate
the success the A50 was able to achieve. Let me know your thoughts on this down in
the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A51 – FLAGSHIP FRONT DESIGN

  1. I have always had wireless headphones, from when the S6 came out and even now while watching this on my S9 I am using Bluetooth. At the same time they have a cord so it's a win win for everyone.

  2. And so it begins. A whole new never ending lineup of A series for 2020. They will probably pop-up with at least one every month. I think.

  3. Exynos 9611 would definitely be hard to digest considering the redmi note 8 pro has a better processor and the note 9 pro will definately bring a serious upgrade.

  4. Using A50 for about 5 months.
    It’s really a good phone but it’s camera is worst,individually it’s camera cames up with almost o% details.
    But we have to admit Samsung making some improvements every month with updates as i know this is the 2nd phobe after S10 which got November update….

    And talkin about A51,A50s already have 48/32 mp camera.

  5. Note 10 owners: Did you do it?
    SAMSUNG: Yes.
    Note 10 owners: What did it cost?
    SAMSUNG: Barely anything.
    Note 10 owners: 🙁
    Bro that end had me weak asf lmao.

  6. I Subcribed to your channel. I have the note 10 and I know technology changes so fast but note 10 will last a few good years I'm good

  7. Samsung biggest mistake removing the headphone Jack which will always gives better quality than bluetooth.
    Bluetooth is only for convenience Samsung seen to have forgotten that…….

  8. this phone having a headphone jack gives me just a little hope that they have learned their lesson and will bring it back on the galaxy s11 or note 11
    Edit: nevermind i just realized the a50 already had a headphone jack… my hope for the s11 and note 11 having a headphone jack has gone back down to just accepting defeat level

  9. For normal users the A series from Samsung makes more sense than the S series or Note series. And it does this for quarter of the price.
    Just an example: A70 has better battery and better charger than S10.

  10. the a50 is honestly is one of the worst midrange phones, i really dont think people are going to fall for that and buy another garbage phone

  11. I wonder what would happen if Apple made a budget phone just to compete with Samsung?

    Apple: the iPhone $999 and the iBudget $299

    The world would go crazy

  12. i want a punch hole display…
    My Brain: "Buy S11 coz Sal said it's gonna be lit"
    My Wallet: "Buy A51 coz it's what i can afford"

  13. that camera array looks bad to be honest.
    if they are planing releasing s11 with a similar design they surely going to have some headache

  14. I'm gonna be honest, every since I started using the galaxy buds, I can care less about the headphone jack. I have the s10, which has a headphone jack and akg headphones included in the box and I dont even use them. The galaxy buds are the future. And I have the note 10+ and i really dont care about the headphone Jack anymore

  15. Makes sense for a budget phone to have a headphone jack. Someone getting a budget phone isn't going to want expensive earbuds.

  16. I think it's like this: if you have enough money to buy a flag ship phone chances are you can buy Galaxy Buds or Air Pots or something like that, and if you can only afford a budget phone chances are you can't afford Bluetooth headphones of that magnitude.

  17. WTF!! A51 MUST come with Exynos 9630. If it has 9611, there's no reason to buy it over the A50s which has almost the same features.

  18. "If you spend 1000 dollars on a phone without headphone jack, you will spend another 100 dollars on wirless headphones" – Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Google, Oneplus….

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