Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Remember when people used to joke that every
new phone was the same rounded rectangle? Those days are officially gone. Now, handset manufacturers are falling over
themselves to one-up each other with designs that go entirely off the rails, because you
can build a phone a ton of different ways when you’ve got screens that can fold. Yes, It’s safe to say the era of foldable
phones is now upon us. We’ve barely seen the first wave of foldable
phones, the Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate X and the new Moto Razr are the three foldable phones
you can think of right now. All of which have different form factors. The Galaxy Fold, in particular, is the first
one to went on sale and despite its exorbitant $2,000 price tag, Samsung was able to sell
over half a million of these phones already which is a huge number considering its price
tag and the new tech involved. Samsung has mentioned publically that they
want to sell significantly more foldable phones in 2020. The CEO didn’t mention how much exactly but
we have reports telling us that its at least 6 million which is a lot. In order to do that Samsung must bring that
$2000 price down. Yes, they were able to sell half a million
of these with that price tag but I don’t think they can take that number up to 6 million
with the same price tag. Samsung obviously understands that and that’s
the reason the successor of the Galaxy Fold which could be called the Galaxy Fold 2 will
be significantly cheaper than the original Galaxy Fold. According to the Korea Herald, which is one
of South Korea’s biggest news publications, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be priced at 1 million
Korean won. If you do the direct currency conversion that’s
about $850. That’s ridiculously cheap if we take into
consideration that Foldable smartphones are still relatively new tech and the original
Galaxy Fold cost $2000. But also the Galaxy Fold 2 will not be a direct
successor to the original fold. I mean the form factor will be totally different. It’ll be a clamshell device as you can see
in the official render video showcased from Samsung themselves. It’ll function almost exactly like the Moto
Razr that Motorola showcased just a few weeks ago. It’ll have a 6.7″ display and when folded
the outer cover display will measure a mere 1 inch. But unlike the Moto Razr that has a notch
and a huge chin at the bottom, the Galaxy Fold 2 will apparently have a punch-hole display
and no chin which makes it a better and modern looking than the Razr. But it’s looking like Samsung literally destroyed
the Moto Razr with the price tag. Motorola priced its handset at $1500 with
midrange specs and now Samsung is preparing to launch theirs at almost half of that price
with a better design and better specs. Of course, the price isn’t official yet but
Korea Herald is one of South Korea’s biggest news publication and they do have a great
track record. So we can expect similar pricing next year. Also, the publications say Samsung is planning
to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 later next year possibly around August, which suggests that
it could be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 11. Also, we have a leak of the Galaxy Fold 2’s
battery and it’s tiny. The Fold 2 will have two batteries one at
each side, and this leaked battery has a rated capacity of a mere 900mAh. We don’t have information about the second
battery but for sure it’s going to bigger than this one. The Moto Razr has a 2500mAh battery so we
can expect the Fold 2 to have somewhere around 3000mAh capacity. Of course, we’ll hear more about it and I’ll
make sure to keep you updated so you can consider subscribing for that and as always I’ll see
you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – SURPRISE SURPRISE!

  1. Ok now this is a good news
    Price drop if the news from Korea is become true.
    And again the Fold 2 success is depends on Indian market sales.

    Love from Assam
    Like your videos ๐Ÿ‘

  2. I think the galaxy fold 2 will actually be 'Galaxy Flip' / new range.
    Future of S series = Galaxy Flip
    Future of Note series = Galaxy Fold

  3. 1990: reading news and folding it back.
    2020: reading news digitally and folding it back.

    Edit: I know that the first version was also capable of folding but I mean it seems like in 2020 we'll have some hell of a folding phones maybe even including threefold and etc. which makes it look like newspaper ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I don't see a purpose for a clamshell device this size except showing off and being able to fit it in small pockets.
    But if it contributes to the foldable tech revolution it's alright.

  5. my guess is the small battery will power the smaller screen while the primary larger one will power the inner screen. also, how the fuck is dbrand gonna make cases for this thing?!?

  6. I am using Samsung devices since Galaxy Y or Galaxy young. And I always knew that Samsung is the company is best when it comes to modern technology

  7. I hope the price will be around that price tag! Do you think will be like that ? ๐Ÿ˜€ i hope it's going to be kaunched on February!

  8. I think Samsung should make two form factor foldable phone
    Samsung Galaxy Fold V for (vertically folding)
    Samsung Galaxy Fold H for (horizontally folding) because i think there are people that want one of the form factor.

  9. I don't understand why do you compare the 2nd generation of the Fold with the 1st generation of the Razr. "The RAZR has a huge notch and big chin" The galaxy Fold also has a huge notch and the big chin on the RAZR is a nostalgic thing. If there will be a 2nd generation of the Moto RAZR, i'm sure that it will be significantly better in terms of specs.

  10. I'll name the Fold 2 as Galaxy Wallet. Surprisingly it looks like wallet and also lite on wallet unlike its big brother.

  11. We still don't know the real battery size maybe its the battery of the top half of the phone where the camera is and maybe the motherboard

  12. Hey Sal! I read on a website that Galaxy S11 is gonna have Laser AF because HMX BRIGHT ISOCELL doesn't have Dual Pixel. Is it true? Also, is Laser AF better than Dual Pixel or not?

  13. Whoโ€™s stupid idea was it to have foldable phones anyways,
    By the way they did not sell 500,000 folds.
    NE regional manager at Best Buy said they sold 50 units in all of New England, 19 were returned so they sold 31 in new England.

  14. I prefer the original fold format tbh. A phone that can become a tablet is way more useful than a medium phone that becomes a smaller phone

  15. I think it's going to be $1200 or more, can't see it selling for less that the Note10 plus, it's going to have a bigger screen, a bigger battery & the same possessor & ram so it makes no sense that it's going to be less than the regular s10.

  16. I still don't understand the point of horizontal folding phones like the razr. I understand Motorola doing it but not Samsung. I just don't see what there is to gain out of it. It seems like a gimmick to me. Then again the same was said about the S Pen and the original Galaxy Fold (personally I still would have preferred a full sized external display, maybe a 6.5" display with a 21:9 or even 22:9 aspect ratio that folds out to give a nearly 1:1 aspect ratio so the multitasking would look similar to what LG did with but on one screen) so I guess we'll have to wait and see but I still just can't wrap my head around what they could possibly do with it in a practical way

  17. I'm starting to feel like specs are a bit overrated. Sure, better specs are nice, but they don't seem as important now that they're not basically the only thing differentiating one phone from another.
    I'm much more excited for an affordable foldable with midrange specs than I would be for an expensive foldable with high-end specs.

  18. Imagine if Samsung will launch the galaxy fold 2 or 3 with a graphite battery. We could have in a form factor like s10e a 5000-6000 mah or I don't know the form factor for fold 2. I was just assuming the capacity.

  19. Samsung advanced tech apple sell old shit with new name ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  20. That is the backup baterry . That's why samsung will have 2 batteries . 1 is the main, and the 2 nd is the backup, the emergency battery which all of us would like to have it .

  21. The galaxy fold needs to have pen support, that will be when the fold will go crazy in sales, I love notetaking in my Note10+, and I'm not settling for anything less ๐Ÿ™‚

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