Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-on

– It is Samsung Galaxy S20 time and also its S20 plus time. And now it’s also S20 Ultra time. See these are Samsung’s flagships, they’re the big contenders for the best Android
smartphone that you can get. They’re all 5G phones, they all have 120 Hz refresh rate screens, and they all have brand
new camera systems. But the camera systems and each of these are a little bit
different from each other. And frankly, so are some of the specs, it’s a little bit
complicated in the details, but it is super obvious at the top level, which one you are going to want to get. The ultra or maybe the S20 because it’s small and you can get it in pink. Or maybe you just want the S20+ because it’s kinda the in between phone. Okay, whatever let’s just get into it. Alright, first things first, why are these called the S20
phones instead of the S11 which comes after you know, the S10 Samsung’s answer is that
they’re a new generation especially in the camera system, but I don’t know I just
look like phones to me. They look good, I think the camera bump
which is rectangular now it looks just fine. I do think they’re way too reflective and they pick up fingerprints and I am a little bit bummed
with the headphone jack, but they look like Galaxy phones, which means that they look good
and they feel high quality. And Samsung is right, that there really are new
interesting camera systems here. So let’s talk about them. So all three phones have a
standard three lens setup that you’re probably used to by now. There’s a regular wide angle lens, there’s a telephoto lens and
there’s an ultra wide lens. Plus there’s a time of
flight sensor on the ultra. But what’s new this year is that Samsung is going
for a high megapixel count. So on the S20 and the S20+ it’s 64 megapixels, and on the ultra it’s 108 megapixels and usually when you see a
really high megapixel count, that means that the phone is bad, it means it’s bad. They couldn’t make a good camera and so they just compensated by throwing a lot of
megapixels at the specsheet and hope you don’t notice. But Samsung says its doing a bunch of image
computation levels megapixel so that they actually
belong on a flagship. Alright, so let’s focus
on the Samsung S20 Ultra. It has a folded zoom lens, which means that the light comes in it hits a prism then it
goes across the phone to hit the sensor, which is
a lot like the periscope lens on those Huawei phones. It doesn’t make the phone
kind of thick though, I think, but it’s not that big a deal. What that folded lens system
gets you as a 4X optical zoom. And then Samsung claims
you can get up to 10X with lossless and then on top of that you can go all the way up to 100X zoom with some sensor cropping. But how does all this work? Well, Samsung says that it’s binning it can take nine pixels from the sensor and combine them into one pixel using hardware that’s
built right into the chip, which means that they come out as regular 12 megapixel photos by default. Samsung also says that
that binning can help with a low light performance
on the telephoto and I don’t really know if the optical science adds up there yet, but yeah, we’ll see what happens we actually have to use these things for real. Anyway, as you zoom in on the systems the whole system switches
between some combination of binning and then sensor
cropping and then adjustment for handshake and so on so forth. And in our hands on tests, which were admittedly
in a controlled setting, it seemed pretty good. Now, I don’t know if the
results are gonna be as good as Samsung says, but I do know that I love the interface that
Samsung made for the zoom, you can tap on little
buttons to zoom right into the amount that you want. And when you get zoomed way in, it shows a little thumbnail
of the entire scene so you can see exactly
what you’re zoomed in on so that you can aim at it exactly right. It’s really neat. Now because this is Samsung, there’s a bunch of new camera stuff because Samsung loves throwing
features at the camera. They claim that their night
mode is way better now that it uses up to 30 shots to build the final night mode image. It can also shoot at 8K
now at 24 frames per second and you can edit that 8K
footage right on the device but my favorite feature is
this thing called SINGLE TAKE. See you know, Samsung has
those kazillion camera features but you never know which
one you should actually pick so what you can do is go into single take just hit the shutter wait 10 seconds and then Samsung just kinda does you know like all of them, it shows
you a collage when it’s done. And there’s like a
portrait and a wide angle and maybe a little, you
know, gif that it makes and a movie and whatever else. And then you could just pick the one you actually wanna save from it. It’s really kinda great. Alright, so that’s the camera system, you got 12 megapixels,
and you got 108 whatever. It’s a lot. It’s pretty complicated. And we really do have to test all of it. I’m looking forward to doing that. Another thing that’s complicated,
though, are the specs. Like there are a lot of specs,
look at all these specs. Yeah, sorry, that is,
in fact, a lot of specs. So here we are, we’re
gonna show you them again. But we’re not gonna have
time to get into all of them. We’re just gonna hit a few. So first thing they all have
120 Hz refresh rate displays, and they also can read
your touches at 240 hertz. It is just a switch though they didn’t do any of this dynamic stuff. Were its trying to change
the refresh rate on the fly. It’s just 60 or 120. And when you’re at 120, Samsung
says it’s about a 10% hit on your battery life. They started 12 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage, and they have micro SD. They of course have a Snapdragon 865. And there is a fingerprint
sensor underneath the screen. Of course, they all use
Samsung’s new interface. It’s called One UI 2. And I still think it’s pretty good. There are some new software features that I really think are
kind of neat, though. They have a new direct share
thing that’s, you know, exclusive to Galaxy phones. It’s basically like Wi Fi direct. They have this free service where you can upload up to
five gigabytes of data a day to a cloud service and
just share a link out so you don’t have to fuss
with getting it under some other cloud service. And they have this thing that
they call Bluetooth sharing, where if you don’t want to
have to have a friend pair to the Bluetooth in your car. You can have them pair the
Bluetooth on your phone and then a Wi Fi directs from
their phone to your phone and then their audio plays in your car and it’s just wackadoo it’s kinda neat. Anyway, as for the rest of the specs, you can just assume that there’s like a good better best cadence
between these three phones. So for example, the S20
has 5G but only the S20+ and the S20 Ultra support millimeter wave. screen sizes are 6.2 inch,
6.7 inch and 6.9 inch battery sizes are 4,000, 4,500 and 5,000 the S20 Ultra can get up to 16 gigs of RAM if you spring for the 512
gigs of storage option. Also there’s like 25 watt
charging and 45 watt charging depending on which one
you get, etc, etc, etc. Bottom line these are spec beasts, that’s what they’re for
and they cost a lot too. They start at 999 99 the
plus starts at 1199 99. And the ultra starts at 1399 99. And if you wanna get the 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of storage,
that is 1600 dollars. Pre orders start February 21st
and they ship on March six. And I know this is a lot,
It is a lot of specs. It is a lot of megapixels and it’s a lot of money. Even for Samsung, this is
a lot like maximum a lot. So I’m actually really looking
forward to reviewing these like a lot. Hey thanks for watching. Really appreciate it. There’s a lot more videos coming from Samsung’s unpacked event
so stay tuned for those and if you wanna click on something you should click on ’cause I send one out every day.

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  1. the Ultra should have been the + and the middle child just shouldn't even be. Samsung should have taken the money from it's development to make the other two a little more affordable, especially the entry level S20. it's not in a great position to compete with the $699 iPhone 11 with arguably the best camera quality just maybe short of a Pixel (pun intended)

  2. You saying it's a lot when it's not says your viewers arent smart i followed everything and even paused it to see what ypu went gong to get to smh it's a lot huh nah no it's not

  3. Everyone's complaining about the pricing but just check out Samsung's A-series, super affordable for cheap prices

  4. limiting specific features to only the largest ultra model is a bad move, some people want the best specs/features in a size that still fits in a normal pocket

  5. Camera getting better always a good thing in my book I mean everything else about smartphones is already amazing you don’t need to work on things there eventually smartphones will have almost same capabilities as DSLR 😲😲

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  8. The S10 line was 100% amazing and still feel like anyone with a s10e,s10,s10+ should keep them and wait to upgrade when the s20 line is cheaper

  9. that camera is too raised up, need a good case. Also, can you get better colors, boring! Watching on my stunning Note 10 white it's a keeper!

  10. calling out iphone for being too expensive just seems shallow now since they cost just as much, if not less than the samsung phones now

  11. I have the 11 pro and I love it, but I have been getting bored of iOS lack of customization, such as themes and such. and that's pretty much the reason why I want this phone, should I get it?

  12. I mostly care about camera and battery life improvement these days since most mid to high-end phones have enough performance/storage.

  13. I want the ultra but ima wait a bit till it gets a lil cheaper. I feel like getting the s20 and s20+ is a waste of money cause I already have the S10+ and I don't feel like it will be that much different.

  14. So glad these big companies are raising the prices like they are crazy. This is only helping smaller companies that are almost as good.

  15. Who wants the Samsung s20 ultra but their bank account says "you'll buy it in 2023 when the price drops.."
    I just reviewed my small channel

  16. A high amount of Ram and a 108MP camera and 100X Zoom feature that's a horrible gimmick isn't " Alot" of specs. 3 is only a few.

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  19. I'm rocking a note 8 and honestly think the ultra would be a great step up but I know my note is fine. I dont want for anything. Just got to appreciate what you have and understand that you dont need the current phone every year.

  20. Interested in the S20+ but in the UK only the 128GB version is available for pre-order. If I’m spending that much on a phone I want 512GB. It made me consider the cheaper S10+ 512GB but I hate the larger selfie cam cut out.

  21. They have and know the technology but they don't use it ?I think it's a universal expression. Anyway the industry is like any other animal they want to take advantage not necessarily be used like a beach. Be used or get a beach. 😆


  23. Much as I love these phones the prices are just disgustingly high. Would never pay anymore than £700 myself. Even though I love a great camera set up.

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    5:56 What does he mean by milli meter wave? What is all this nerd language? Not everybody is gonna know what youre talking about bro.
    And why is the background music always so loud in verge videos???

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