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  1. I wish someone knew if any new basic phones are going to come out.. I can't decide if I should wait or upgrade now

  2. Yes I quite do!! Well compared to that phone it is newer and as much as I've read this is a better phone! So yes I like is tons!

  3. Awesome!! Verizon website took it off their basic phones 🙁 It was the BEST one. Hope its just temporary…

  4. Also, good review and your laugh is cute!! Your review is what made me want to get this phone out of the other ones I watched.

  5. Yah…i was originally going to get the Samsung Brightside but it was $80 and the Intensity was free so i went with the Intensity!!!

  6. I've heard some bad things about the Brightside and I would miss having a background on my phone. I feel like its just super weird to not have one!! I mean, what phone does that?? Good choice. I'm jealous. I hope the Intensity comes back to Verizon!!

  7. Well this is intended to be an upgrade so I imagine this is designed more advanced. I personally haven't owned the Intensity 2 but I'm assuming its not as good.

  8. I just upgraded from an Intensity 2 to a 3 yesterday. I had it for 3 years and it held together really well! It was totally submerged once and took a couple of days to rehabilitate itself, but it started working again! As time went by it had a few "episodes" but always got over them and kept on working. It was a great phone, though I never got to use the special features since they cost extra money. :/ The 3 is slimmer and has a bigger screen.

  9. O sorry. Well it has a 2 mp camera that can record video. It has some nice effects such as b&w, invert (or negative) and sepia. Also you can make stop-motion videos with it. The quality isn't going to be worthy for a large screen, but it has the ability and is fun.

  10. Thanks for commenting back, I enjoyed the video too. Is the quality for this video recorder good quality? On a scale from 1-10 what would u rate it? (One being the lowest) Thanks man 🙂

  11. The phone's video quality is 2 megapixel without zoom so it could not be used to make real videos (such as YouTube). I would say its about a 3, maybe 4, on a scale of 1 to 10. Its fun to use but really only playing around with friends hah. I hope I answered your question

  12. I am So sorry I haven't replied to your question, for some reason it showed as spam and it never showed up
    Firstly, No you cannot upload to FB from the phone as far as I know. Its not a smart phone so you can't really browse the Web
    Secondly, you must be using a Micro SD card and it has to be formatted otherwise when you look at your phone it will show card memory being using but you couldn't access it due to different file types between computer and phone software

  13. Hows the battery life on this phone with heavy texting and calling (300 messages sent and received and 4 to 5 hours of calling)? How long would this phone last? Thanks!

  14. With that sort of texting it will last 3 to 4 days (but I would charge it every other day)
    I personally don't use a ton of calling, but Verizon's stats say it'll last around 2 days. Hope this helped

  15. If that wasn't clear hah…Verizon says one battery of this phone with last 300 minutes. Normally that's not accurate so for your kind of use, I'd say it work

  16. Just signed up with Verizon and received my Samsung Galaxy III phone a week ago but I'm so what disappointed with the sound quality. When calling someone the ringing of the phone I'm calling sounds very rough. The very beginning of the phone conversation is a bit staticy and then it clears up and is good for the remainder of the call. I always have at least 3 bars out of 4 when using the phone.

  17. this phone sucks i hate it so much…. probably the worst phone i've ever had…. If you like shitty phones and broken buttons this is a perfect phone for you

  18. I dropped it off of a ski lift and it was raining I found it the next day it worked fine. Indestructible little phone

  19. Thanks! I was looking for cool flip phones (I was looking for something simple, so I would run down its battery on things like games and videos) and I gotta say, this phone looks amazing! I love the foldout keypad (looks badass!) and the back looks cool, and the color palette is great. Thanks for the review.

  20. highly dought anyone will reply to this since it has been years but does it have access to a sim card. I am asking because my dad is trying to get straight talk.

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