100 Replies to “Samsung Just Brought Back The Flip Phone: Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On

  1. As far as wireless charging is concerned, can you charge it even while the device is folded? Because that will be cool lol

  2. Sad to see a gorgeous phone with midrange specs. If they had flagship specs, I would have thrown my Note10+ away.

  3. My P30 Pro fits just fine in my pocket & is better in every way and costs half as much can't see why anyone would pay for it.

  4. Nobody acknowledges the Huawei Mate X or the Royole Flexpai because they're just not as polished and high-quality as the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip and Razer.

  5. Yo Samsung push the button here. Would be dope to see a Gameboy Advance SP, Z Flip limted edition version 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. I'm now very excited for rollables! I imagine if there were multiple hinge points you could roll up the entire device instead of just fold.

    Then you could form it into all sorts of scenarios. Bend it around your wrist when your cycling to work or to a piece of gym equipment to keep track of your workout routine.

  7. I don't see the point in this form factor personally. A standard sized phone easily fits in my pocket as it is, paying so much extra basically for nothing (and in this case even less because of the old chipset) just makes no sense. I'd rather have a phone that folds into a tablet.

  8. So the Razr is more expensive, is a mid range phone, has a plastic screen and doesn't promise much in the way of software updates or fancy features.

    I would say Samsung is running away with it.

  9. Cool reviewer…

    But these phones make no sense to me, I left old ass flip phones and won't be going back… ever.

  10. It is not a flip phone in my opinion. It is a phone that can be folded. Because flip is to put in motion with a sudden impulse, as with a snap of a finger and thumb, just like the old flip phone from Nokia etc.

  11. Samsung should of ditched the punch hole for an uninterrupted display, and made the entire front/top of the phone a screen instead that tiny notification window.

  12. Still waiting for the day someone makes a foldable with a headphone jack. Between the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip, Razr, Mate X, (and the FlexPi too, I guess) not a single one has a headphone jack. That's disappointing. Let's hope the streak ends soon.

  13. As the reviewer says, these foldable for now are gimmicks meant to please the idiots who pick phones for looks instead of functionality and practicality

  14. razr still looks sleeker and has the outer display done better but i think samsung has glass down and better specs and i cant wait for next gen when moto will strike back

  15. Man wtf??? That Dou video at 0:55 is HORRIBLE. I get better Duo video on my super cheap Moto E5 Plus. And really, can we just stop with the whole "crease" gripe…who even really gives a shit?

  16. Interesting how you said the Flip is for people who are form over function, but I love the Fold exactly because it's function over form.

  17. Man, I am still not convinced if this guy was even sick. Like same kinda enthusiasm, same level of glory in his videos.. Damn.. 🔥🔥 On a serious note hope you are recovering fine Michael 🙌🏻💪🏻

  18. The camera lens can still get scratched, but the fact that it folds up and would prevent large objects in a pocket, purse, or backpack scratching the main screen, makes it quite attractive for those on the go but still want that smartphone usability, thanks for another great video Michael…

  19. You did not put the Z Flip in Pants Pockets and gave your Pocket the Old Man Tap. Like it magically disappeared or something…Lmbo! Classsic

  20. Good first effort but I'll wait for the 2021-2022 foldables. Would like to see a bigger external display (1.8" is fine) so I can get more message info to see if it's worth opening the phone for, and so I can control music without opening the entire app.

    Really looking forward to the future of foldables to see what manufacturers do with the lid; still miss my old Sony Ericcson Z550i that I lost on the train all those years ago because of that aluminium lid 🙁

  21. The age of the fold-able , over 1100 USD, phones… really ? Are you really convinced people will take a mortgage for foldable phone ? Mah..

  22. The only youtuber, for now, who actually explained why this phone has at least some reasons to exist. Good to know that Samsung is not completely out of its mind and usage scenarios for this ridiculous size and form factor still exist.

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