Samsung Might Lose Apple

So everyone knows that Samsung makes the best
smartphone displays. In October 2008, Samsung launched its first
smartphone with OLED, and the device was called Samsung I7110. Interestingly Samsung wasn’t the first one
to the market with OLED, it was Nokia with N95. They beat Samsung by just one month. But it was Samsung who popularised the OLED
technology for smartphones and is literally ruling the display industry ever since. 9 years later, Apple finally decided to go
for superior display technology and sourced OLEDs from Samsung for the iPhone X. At that time Samsung was the lone supplier
for OLEDs for that phone but the following year, Apple diversified it’s supply chain
of display components and chose LG as the second display supplier for the iPhone XS
and XS Max. The 2019 iPhones will also have Samsung and
LG as the display suppliers. Now, it looks like Apple wants to get rid
of Samsung as its biggest OLED supplier. Well, it’s because of the high display prices
that Samsung is charging. You see, it took $370 for Apple to make the
iPhone X and the display was the most expensive component. It accounted for $110 or 30% of the total
cost which is a lot. The cost rose to $120 the following year for
the XS Max because of the larger display. BOE, a Chinese display company which is Samsung’s
biggest display competitor, is ready to supply OLEDs to Apple for 20% cheaper according to
industry experts. So now Apple is negotiating with BOE raising
the possibility that Apple could source this advanced display technology from China for
the first time. It’s worth mentioning that BOE already supplies
LCDs to Apple. The MacBooks and iPads have displays made
by this Chinese company. Also, BOE makes displays for Huawei, Dell,
HP, and More. So this is not good news for Samsung by any
means. The display is one of Samsung’s main business
and they make billions each month. Apple is their biggest customer and Samsung
again made billions from Apple since 2017. And with the rumor that Apple is going all-in
with OLEDs next year, it’s certainly going to hurt Samsung and their revenues. Also, this isn’t good news for Apple fans
either because like I’ve said, Samsung makes the best displays which I’m sure BOE wouldn’t
be able to match, not today at least, So let’s see how this is going to turn out both for
Samsung and Apple. So Tim Cook and President Trump sat down to
talk about the tariffs that Apple have to pay if they import goods from China. Trump wants American companies to make everything
in America and not in other countries especially China. So he is imposing 10% tariffs on the imports
which is quite a lot. Now, Tim Cook is explaining to Trump why this
isn’t a good move and how this is going to help Samsung. Since Samsung is a South Korean company they
don’t fall under Trump’s tariffs. So Apple is saying that it’s tough for them
to pay tariffs if they’re competing with a very good company that’s not, which is, of
course, Samsung. So now Trump is saying that Apple made a good
case and he will think about it, which concerns me, to be honest. I mean now what? Is he going to make Samsung pay 10% tariffs
as well? Samsung makes most of their stuff in China
and imports it to the US. So it’s totally possible that Trump is going
to put Samsung in that list too, which is certainly not good news for us because those
taxes will be carried over to us and we’ll have to pay more for the same product. I don’t know, man! Tim Cook is like, if I’m going down, you’re
going down with me. Anyway, let me know what do you think about
this down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Samsung Might Lose Apple

  1. This might be due to cutting the price of iPhone for them to catch-up with the very tight price competition in the market due to the rise of chinese players. So, since screen/display is one of the most expensive component of a smartphone, they have to seek for a cheaper alternative against what this premium-wannabe Samsung is offering on the current.

  2. Samsung and apple are enemies, if they would be nicer to each other and respect more they would get easy cheaper amoled. Yes Trump NICER, then always competing.

  3. Seriously 🙄🙄… You don't want to pay for a quality screen but yet you want people to purchase a $1k stand without a monitor…🤦🏾‍♀️ This is it… Apple is 🤪🤪

  4. It cost 330 to make the iphone ?wtf are we paying +1000€ for the iphone … im glad i switched to the note 10+ today, F#ck apple

  5. For apple $350 is expensive but selling their shitty ass smartphone with FHD display for $800 dosen't look expensive.

  6. And it dosen't even matter Apple will pay huge amounts to display rating companies and they will just rate them above Samsung

  7. @TechTalkTv there is an new leak , it's the design of the new OnePlus 7t (pro) and the leak shows the design we thought for the mate 30 Pro with the circle kamera set up
    It would be nice if you could search and look if you can find anything:)

  8. Well i mean iPhones are pretty good ihave an iphone x and till date it's working good..but the hardware to performance ratio doesn't signifies the price tag. The oled display is fairly good according to me.

  9. Bring on the Galaxy S11. I've been an iPhone user for the last 7 years and ready to make the switch to Samsung next year. Tim Cook and Apple can suck it with their restricted iPhones.

  10. What took my most of the attention was the last part of the video…
    Japan-South Korea trade war…
    US-China trade war…(though that's good)

    And what i think is that rotten apple is really having a hard time and can go to any extent to remain in the market..the problem with apple is they charge too much for nearly nothing..and now they have to face consequences

  11. C'mon Apple can't beat Samsung… Huawei sells more phones than Apple will ever get. Samsung can lose to Huawei for sure. But Samsung won't lose to Apple.

  12. $370 for iPhone X

    Retail price: $999

    Thats $629 profit, taking away the advertising costs… let's say the profit is around $200-250 per device, thats a fucking huge profit

  13. Only a matter of time till Trump bans business with BOE and apple will come crawling back to Samsung. Their deal will be over even before it gets started.

  14. Samsung has been involved in multiple dumping schemes in the US. Keep taxing them. Only reason they are in Korea is because the US made them move multiple times…

  15. Whatever the price of your kidneys, Apple wants them all. Always thinking of profit, and profit ONLY . iPhone died along with Steve. Stop thinking about profit only, think about innovation, that's what you need rn. Today's Apple just can't let any other companies surpass them because they think themselves as the greatest. The long lost innovation and dramatic price increase for such mere upgrades have made my mind: I'm switching over to Samsung

  16. In mi humble opinion, if Apple switches to BOE , Samsung is gonna upgrade their screens and make iPhones look below average when compare side by side!

  17. If it is from china, expect a high a tariff. As such, iphone would still be expensive as using oled samsung display.

  18. So, I think Apple is famous because of iOS, & Their Emojis. NOW If they move they will not be like famous anymore because it will have HORRIBLE Emojis and not the "i" apps like iMovie, imessages and etc so I wouldn't recommend that

  19. Sorry for the apple fans, Apple is seeing how much money Microsoft is making from the services business alone and is losing interest in smart phone innovation and quality to focus on services, all Apple users having going for them now is the eco system. Apple just wants cheaper iphones out there to support the services, ya dont need a great display to run paid services.

  20. Did y’all forget apple is worth 1 trillion dollars not like Samsung, samsung is poor af it’s all fake quality shit Chinese built shit, when on the other side apple has quality

  21. Lmao Samsung has the best picture. We'll apple users us Samsung users expect you into our family and welcome you to the better phone.

  22. I work for Apple BTW. Go on. Keep on hating Apple. Many of you don't realize that Apple is a luxury tech company that's why it is expensive. Don't ever compare iPhone to Android. Android are for the majority consumers, iPhone belongs to the elite. So go on hating Apple.

  23. $300 to manufacture, $1000 to buy. But no free trade isn't stealing from the US. That $600 disparity, experienced by all companies who moved their manufacturing to China, is contributing to the income divide in the US.

  24. Apple will try to cut cost without cutting the price. They just want more profit
    Samsung just got the better deal then

  25. Survey for Apple retention dropped from 97% in 2018 to 75 % in 2019.
    With sales expected to drop by 20% to 40% , Samsung losing Apple won’t make much difference.

    Apple despite changing to a cheaper display maker will STILL charge higher .

  26. 😅 it's gonna hurt samsung's revenue..yeah right, apple be like crawling back to samsung again after this..and samsung be like, sure..our amoleds just became more expensive for you..😁

  27. I had Nokia N95 and i can definitely say it used TFT LCD, the black is just your average LCD black.
    I think what you mean is the Nokia N86, because it definitely had that AMOLED deep black.
    But then again, N86 was releases on 2009, while i7110 was on 2008. Altho i7110 had 256k colors, and N86 had 16m colors

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