SCOOBY DOO Carton Network Hold On Scooby Video Toy Unboxing

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! – [Man] We’ve got a new
Scooby-Doo game today, Assistant. – [Assistant] It’s called Hold On Scooby! – [Man] Hold On Scooby-Doo!
I can’t wait to play. I think I wanna beat The Assistant. What do you think, Assistant? Are you gonna win? – [Assistant] I think I’m gonna win. – [Man] Hm. Let’s set it
up and see who can win. There’s Scooby and Shaggy,
all the way to the top. So The Assistant, who
are you gonna play as? – [Assistant] I’m gonna play as Chase. – [Man] And I’m gonna play as Rider. This is how we play. We each have one of these spooky hands. – [Assistant] And we push the bricks. Whoever makes them fall loses. – [Man] So watch. I’m gonna
push this one right here. Oh, it didn’t fall. Good. Alright, so one in. Push hard so that they all don’t come out. Uh oh. – [Assistant] Uh oh. – You gotta be real careful. So The Assistant knocked out two. – [Assistant] So that really look– – [Man] I’m gonna push out
this one way down here. Sometimes– – [Assistant] Sometimes they fall out too. – [Man] If you’re too young,
sometimes you can just use your finger to push them. Alright, Assistant. – [Assistant] Ooh, I’m too young. – [Man] Okay. You gonna use your finger? – [Assistant] Yeah, I might get two. I’m just gonna use the hand. – [Man] Alright. So now, I’m gonna push
this one right here. If you push it right in the
middle, it works better. – [Assistant] Try right
there, and I get two. – [Man] You accidentally pushed two. – [Assistant] I know. – [Man] Alright. I’m gonna push this one right here. – [Assistant] That one right there. Let me get it out. – [Man] Hm. I think if we push that
one, he’s gonna fall. So I’m gonna push this one right here. (clinking) Ooh, Assistant, which
one are you gonna push? Oh, that was a good one. I’m gonna push this one right here. (laughs) Which one are you gonna push? Nope, they’re gonna fall. If you push the one
that they’re sitting on, they’re gonna fall. Silly! Even I know that. Don’t
push that one, Assistant. No, no, don’t push it! I’m just kidding. Go ahead and push it. – [Assistant] Push this one. – [Man] Which one are you gonna push? Scooby dooby doo! – [Assistant] Yeah! – [Man] Oh, I thought
it was all gonna fall! I’m gonna push this one right here. Alright, Assistant. Which
one are you gonna push? Woah. Hm. – [Assistant] I got a tricky one. – [Man] I wanna push. – [Assistant] Oh! – [Man] Oh! – [Assistant] If I push
that one, that’s gonna fall. – [Man] I think so too. We’re runnin’ out of
’em to push, aren’t we? Whichever one you touch first is the one you gotta push, though. (clinking) – [Assistant] Oh! – [Man] Oh, she got it out! Oh, she made ’em fall because she fell. She pushed it with her hand. – [Assistant] But that
doesn’t count because my hands got in there. – [Man] Well, we’ll say this
time, since it was practice, it didn’t count. – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Man] But it really does
count because whenever somebody makes them fall, you lose. – [Assistant] My hand, I was
just trying to get it out. – [Man] Yeah, but if you
bump it and you make it fall, you still lose. Aw, this is a pretty tough game, isn’t it? – [Assistant] So we have this much bricks. – [Man] Yep. Alright, Assistant. Your turn. – [Assistant] Try this. – [Man] I’m pretty sure
if you push that one, they’re gonna fall. (giggling) Alright, let’s pick a brick. – [Assistant] Not that
one. Let’s try this one. – [Man] Okay. Try that one. Good job! – [Assistant] Yeah! – [Man] Good job, Assistant. Hm, we’ve run out of bricks to push. I’m gonna push– – [Assistant] Don’t push it. – [Man] I’m gonna push this one right– – [Assistant] Don’t… – [Man] Oh, I pushed! – [Assistant] Oh! – [Man] Oh! – [Assistant] Barely moved ’em. – [Man] Oh boy, I don’t know what– – [Assistant] Push this one! – [Man] I’m pushing it. – [Assistant] Oh. – [Man] You can push that one. (laughs) Which one are you gonna do? We’re gonna fall pretty soon, aren’t they? Woah. – [Assistant] I only got one. – [Man] They’re still not fallin’. Alright, which one are you gonna take? – [Assistant] This one. – [Man] Pretty sure they’re gonna fall, but okay, go ahead. Push whichever one you wanna push. – [Assistant] It’s just a game. – [Man] It’s just a game, that’s right. – [Assistant] Ah, it’s right there. – [Man] Oh! They fell! – [Assistant] I win! (laughter) – [Man] Alright, let’s play
one more time. You think? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Man] Okay, Assistant.
We’re gonna play again. You start it, okay? – [Assistant] Okay. – [Man] She’s gonna push
out the first brick. Which one is she gonna pick? – [Assistant] This one. – [Man] All the way at the bottom. – [Assistant] Yay! – [Man] Alright, I’m
gonna do, woah, that one. – [Assistant] Mm hmm. – [Man] And I’m gonna do. – [Assistant] Hm. Yay! I got out two bricks. – [Man] I’m gonna do this one
right, oh, I got two out also. Uh oh. It’s already gettin’ tricky. Which one is The Assistant gonna do? Yeah, that one’s always a good one. – [Man] Like I can do this one
right here ’cause those are– – [Assistant] The tops
are easy ’cause they can’t fall off the top. – [Man] That’s right. The
bottom makes it trickier. – [Assistant] Yeah,
because the less bottom, the more it will fall. – [Man] Mm hmm. Pretty sure if you do that one, go ahead. Whichever one you touch
is the one you gotta push. – [Assistant] I just have to push. (laughter) – [Man] Alright, let’s get
it straightened back out. – [Assistant] I turned
the little two big one. I got a lot out, more than two. – [Man] Mm hmm. You got out
way more than two, sorry. Alright, Assistant. I’m gonna
pick this one right here. What do you think? (clinking) – [Assistant] Woah! It’s getting trickier! – [Man] Oh, tricky, tricky,
tricky, tricky, tricky. Which one are you gonna pick? – [Assistant] This one. – [Man] No, you can’t do that. Alright, pick a brick. – [Assistant] I don’t
know which one to pick. You go for me. – [Man] You go. – [Assistant] You. – [Man] When you do it,
you wanna go straight. Right now, The Assistant
was using her hand and going like that, but instead of that, you wanna go straight into it. – [Assistant] That would make it fall. – [Man] No, actually, it
wouldn’t make it fall. You wanna push it straight in. – [Assistant] Yay! – [Man] Woah, how does Scooby not fall? Well, I wanna push the wall. Oh no, I gotta push it. I started. I started, I gotta push it. Oh! I lost! – [Assistant] Karate chop. – [Man] The Assistant won. Alright, buddy. If you wanna play this game, let us know. Up here it says what, The Assistant? – [Assistant] Subscribe here
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just like the other ones. – [Man] That’s right. We hope that you like this video. Just make sure that you subscribe here, leave a comment saying that you subscribed so that we can say– – [Assistant] I won. – [Man] Say thank you. Give us a thumbs up, right? And follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Twittering. Twitter. Alright, and you know what? Our secret spelling
word is gonna be Scooby, S-C-O-O-B-Y. That spells– – [Assistant] Scooby. – [Man] Scooby! – [Assistant] Hey,
let’s play another game. What makes a Scooby fall? I mean Chase. – [Man] Oh, Chase fell. – [Assistant] I lost. – [Man] Alright, everyone.
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