Setting up Call Forwarding – Vodafone One Net – Vodafone Tech Team

Hi, I’m Ben from
the Vodafone Tech Team and I’m going to show you
how to set up Call Forwarding, using the Vodafone One Net app. With Absence Reason, you can
choose a pre-recorded message which people will hear
when they try to call you. Open the One Net app
and tap the Call Forwarding icon on the left hand side. You’ll see the numbers on your account
and a drop down menu for each. Tap the menu and decide which
circumstance you’d like to manage. I’ll choose ‘When I Don’t Answer’. First, enter the number that you’d like calls to be
forwarded to and tap ‘Save’. And then tap here
to switch Call Forwarding, for that circumstance,
on and off. And for more help and support
on a variety of products and services, check out the Vodafone UK
YouTube channel.

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