Simjackers and SIM Card Devices Data Leakage – [email protected] Browser

Adaptive Mobile Security has uncovered
a new and previously undetected vulnerability. This vulnerability is
currently being exploited and is being used for targeted surveillance of mobile
phone users. The vulnerability and its associated attacks have been dubbed Sim
Jacker as it involves the hijacking of SIM cards and threatens mobile phone
users across the globe. The main Sim Jacker attack involves a SMS containing
specific type of code being sent to a mobile phone which then instructs the
SIM card within the device to take over the device to retrieve and perform
sensitive commands exploiting the presence of a particular piece of
software on the SIM card called [email protected] Browser. It is a kind of software that is
embedded in most SIM cards produced by phone companies in 30 nations. While the
primary attack detected involved the retrieval of mobile phone locations Sim
Jacker has been further exploited to perform many other types of attacks
against individuals and mobile operators such as fraud, scam calls, information
leakage, denial of service and espionage. Sim Jacker represents a clear danger to
the mobile operators and subscribers. This is potentially the most
sophisticated attack ever seen on mobile networks. Tt is said that during the
attack the user is completely unaware that they received the attack that
information was retrieved and that it was successful exfiltrated. Take care

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