One Reply to “Smartphones and ADHD in teens”

  1. Symptoms of ADHD may include, being a child, having a childhood, not being medicated zombies, and being able to distinguish right from wrong.
    You people are basically advocating giving meth to children because they're preparing themselves for the world as it will be instead of the world as you grew up in, which is gone and never coming back. Quit trying to prepare your children for the 80s-90s by giving them meth, you evil losers. Your kid is all over the place because they're a kid, if yall weren't terrible people and actually spent time with them you'd probably understand it, but no, just send them off with strangers who will give them meth and sign them up for hormone blockers because they showed interest in the opposite sex. Welcome to fenocide with a modern twist. They don't need to kill your kids, they can just get them addicted to meth and convinve them that they're gay so the blow their brains out in confusion later in life instead of having kids.

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