SMC Mobile Labs

SMC provides world-class custom
fabrication and manufacturing services. In short, “If you need it – we will make it!” Now, we are introducing the new SMC
mobile labs. A durable, portable structure that can be customized for
your specific needs and quickly transported to anywhere in the world. The unique part about the mobile labs is the fact that it is portable, it can be used in multiple applications
in a variety of locations and not only for test labs, but also
for condos for people to stay in or for medical facility, for emergency
use…various things like that. The mobile labs are first and foremost
very functional. There is nothing better to ship in, than a shipping container. Secondly, they are very sturdy. They have to withstand being loaded onto ships. unloaded, put onto rail cars, put onto the back of trucks and
shipped about. So really the shell is already here and it’s a great shell to start with for any sort of an activity that needs to be
done with a small footprint and very
efficiently spaced in. Not only are SMC mobile labs sturdy
and easy to transport they can be fabricated to meet your
specific use, at a fraction of the cost of most building alternatives. What’s interesting about them is that we
have the skilled craftsman that can take our customers ideas or their needs and can very specifically target those
needs in the most efficient safe and functional package available Oh, absolutely they can be used in like I said in a variety of industries, It’s much better than building it traditional trying to find local labor exposed to the weather and all that kind of stuff where you can have a premade structure sent to you and ready to use. The SMC mobile lab is not only a
secure facility, but it’s insulated walls, reinforced flooring, climate control and
ventilation system make it ideal for nearly any needs. The labs can also be customized for
specific electrical, gas and safety requirements as well. Well what sets us apart is that companies of our size and our abilities generally either have engineering and design or they have manufacturing. It’s very rare that you are able to find one company that houses both of those services. Building long-term relationships with our
customer is our absolute number one priority and we’re not in it for the short haul,
we’re in it for the long haul. We don’t price our product based on market. When the market is high
people normally price it high. We don’t practice that. SMC is an integrated facility that can do machining, welding, electrical, piping, hydraulics and testing – All under one roof. To learn more about SMC, or the new
SMC mobile labs contact us today.

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