Spectrum: Fueling the Mobile Future

Hello, Internet. Let’s talk about spectrum. The invisible magic that makes our mobile technology work. You like your mobile phone, do you? Think spectrum. You like checking Facebook on your smartphone? Spectrum again. Like using your laptop and the internet without a bunch of chords? Right, we all do. And so we all rely on spectrum. It’s the invisible infrastructure that powers our modern lives. Every moment of every day. Imagine spectrum as a freshly baked pie. Doesn’t it look great? In the beginning, there was this gigantic
pie and only a few pie lovers. But then came billion dollar investments in wireless networks that connect cell phones, mobile internet, smart phones, 4G, tablets, smart grids, mobile health devices, e-learning tools, and whatever comes next. Remember feature phones? Your new smartphone uses 24 times more spectrum. And that iPad you just bought? 120 times more. By 2012, more than half of all new phones
purchased will be smartphones. And by 2014, 70% of all consumer electronics will be wirelessly connected to the Internet. Suddenly, there are literally hundreds of millions of pie lovers, and they’re all grasping for even more pieces of the same pie. Spectrum is NOT an unlimited resource. And we’re running low. Fast. If we don’t allocate more spectrum for mobile, our nation’s appetite for wireless will outstrip capacity in as little as four years. And the consequences of inaction are real. Too little spectrum means unreliable service
and performance. Potentially higher connectivity costs. Even rationing of wireless services. And most importantly, this could chill innovation. It means the technology of tomorrow could remain forever in the future. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we take the right steps now, we could have all the mobile internet we need to create millions of new jobs and fuel the future. Fuel the future. A future where your refrigerator orders more milk when you’re running low. A future where you can participate in class from your tablet on the bus. We can make it happen. If we start now. But we need policymakers to help make it a
reality. More mobile spectrum equals more connectivity equals more innovation equals more mobile possibilities for you.

6 Replies to “Spectrum: Fueling the Mobile Future

  1. Really cool. I liked the animation and all 😉 great video to follow. Some parts were a bit confusing. But it is so true

  2. refrigerator that orders milk needs access to wireless? why? it sits in a house, just plug a lan cable into it… it'd be more reliable and fast anyway…. lol.

  3. The Wireless Service Taxes section on your site made my jaw drop! New York has a 21% tax on wireless services!

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