Sprint – T-Mobile Merger! It’s Happening!

hey what is up everyone it is Jake Pimentel here from pine technology and today I am here to discuss the Sprint and t-mobile merger if you guys haven't been paying attention on social media or really any news network t-mobile and Sprint have been talking about merging together into one company this happened after Softbank CEO actually talked to President Trump after he was elected about putting billions of dollars into the United States economy people weren't sure what that was about but today we know that that was most likely about the Sprint and t-mobile merger if you didn't know Sprint is mostly owned more than half owned by Softbank which is out of Japan and t-mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom which is in Germany and they also owned about over 50% of t-mobile the two owners of these two companies have been in the talks about a merger I've been paying attention to John Legere Twitter feed which if you didn't know he is the CEO of t-mobile and he recently took a trip to Prague Netherlands where he met with the president of Deutsche Telekom and this was kind of an indicator that something is definitely going on between the company there were a few other t-mobile executives there as well he also recently took a trip to Kansas City which if you didn't know is the headquarters of Sprint t-mobile is located in Seattle Washington the Bellevue portion of Seattle so why did this all begin Softbank was not happy with the performance of Sprint inside the United States they recently dropped to the fourth carrier in the United States meaning that they were the fourth most popular carrier and they've been struggling their capital hasn't really been enough for what they need to do they have a lot of band 41 which is their lt+ expansions to do and they just do not have the money to get that lots of rich spectrum they have out to their consumers in addition t-mobile is running out of money as well they recently bought tons of bands 71 spectrum which was just given to them in the 600 megahertz spectrum auction where they spent almost eight billion dollars so now the two companies need capital and they want to expand their networks after the merger happens both Sprint and t-mobile will take their capital that they have combines together to make improvements to one network instead of focusing on each of their own networks now with 50 million customers on Sprint's Network and over about actually 80 million on t-mobile's network you combine the two and you get about 130 million customers that will be benefiting from one network instead of two networks that are kind of struggling in terms of the amount of money they have to spend right now Sprint and t-mobile are in the process of announcing the merger I predict that this announcement is going to come towards the end of October or even early November my personal opinion is probably the end of October it seems like they want to get this on the road running because next they have to get it approved by the FCC and the Department of Justice Antitrust Division now in my opinion it's going to be easy to get through the FCC our new president Trump of the united states elected egypt pi which he is more of a conservative leaning FCC Chairman and he is Pro deregulation of the carriers and of large companies having to do in the tech industry so he is likely for the merger it's when we get to the Department of Justice Antitrust Division that we're going to have some problems it seems that as of right now in the current state the Department of Justice is not having it with the merger this doesn't mean that it won't happen though because currently t-mobile and Sprint are in talks of finishing the final things and what needs to be done in order to get this passed through the Department of Justice and the FCC my opinion on the whole thing is that I think the merger is going to be awesome for both Sprint and t-mobile customers I am Pro merger I think that the merger is going to make sure that all consumers especially there's a lot of prepaid customers on the Sprint and t-mobile networks and they're using a low income area not all the time but usually in low-income areas and they're going to be getting one awesome Network when these two combine with the band 41 spectrum that Sprint has in the 600 megahertz that t-mobile just bought when you combine those two capitols together you're going to get an awesome Network and this is really going to benefit a hundred and thirty million telecom customers right now under this new merger it is definitely going to be called t-mobile and not sprint and there isn't going to be a combination of the names either it's just gonna be t-mobile this is because t-mobile's branding and marketing right now is a huge hit they're doing excellent they're currently the fastest growing carrier so they're obviously going to keep t-mobile as the branding and I definitely do think that John Legere is going to stay the CEO but I wouldn't be surprised if you see Marcelo Claure which is the current CEO of Sprint somewhere on the top of the executive of this new merged company while the rates may raise I definitely agree with that point where the people are going to start to see their bills start rising I think eventually the competition's going to increase because now we only have three if you really think about it there is actually going to be more competition after the merger because t-mobile is currently the fastest growing carrier this means that their brand is working well right now people are wanting to participate in this company and wanting to purchase their products another reason I am Pro merger is because I feel like the current telecom market in the United States is unbalanced what I mean is that AT&T and Verizon have over 140 million customers both that is a lot of people that's almost 300 million people of the entire telecom market in the United States Sprint and t-mobile Sprint only has around 50 million and t-mobile has around 80 million they are completely out balance so that means that they are just the small guys out of a huge percent so right now AT&T and Verizon owned over 50% of the telecom market in the United States when you take Sprint customers into mobile customers put them together you have about 130 million customers on a network such with branding of t-mobile you're going to get people wanting to get onto this new network so I think you're going to cede that silent AT&T start to pick up and start to be more aggressive about their branding about their marketing and about how they do things pricing same with Verizon they're going to do the same thing and I think what you're gonna get is this awesome awesome telecom market that is ready for the 5g future now I want to hear your opinion on the subject so please go down in the comments and tell me your opinion I am super open-minded and love to hear other opinions on the topic and I'll be sure to reply respectfully you guys stay respectful down in the comments but I want to know what you guys think of the merger and if you're Pro merger or against the merger let me know why if you guys enjoyed this video or found this video to be informative let me know down in the comments also be sure to leave your like on this video and subscribe to my channel and hit the notifications icon next to this subscribe button so you're notified right when I upload a new video also share this video with your friends so they can learn about the merger in maybe they can formulate their own opinion on it again thank you guys so much for these support lately you guys have been killing the channel thank you so much smile because you and technology are amazing and peace how

26 Replies to “Sprint – T-Mobile Merger! It’s Happening!

  1. When a business wants something so bad, buyer beware. You sir are brainwashed into believing that business is in your corner. Bull. You wouldn't even be able to keep your phone number if not for the government.

  2. No wonder both of them suck they are not even us base as far as sprint 5G it is so far behind when 4G LTE aAdvance was to be upto 1,000 MBPS down and never came to that and now with 5G this can do 1,000's and you be lucky to see that but again Sprint did a trial a few months ago they ran a test said they got 1,000 before we started the video next test they got under 300 MBPS so as I have told everyone this is a lot of bandwidth they need love how they try and sell these vary high end phones and say how great their network is then you get the high end phone believing it will be good and the speeds suck the network is awful call sprint ever thing is working so ya as far as the other guy go's never had them but have seen on YouTube they out perform in some places but again they never tell you what kind of speed you can get be really cool if they could have like 3 cell phone plans that are all unlimited but have a speed lock so for a example ATAT had a plan for like 60 a month but only gave you 3 MBPS slow I no but you no a higher price for say they 5 G would be say 100 a month should not be any higher as they did say price would not go up they lie all the time but keep this in mind

  3. The merger merely provides more tower sites.
    Their coverage is still 3rd behind Verizon and number one ATT

  4. Hello I was just wondering do you think okay if T-Mobile and Sprint do emerge and it be wonderful do you think they push for Verizon and AT&T to merge

  5. It's official the merger is on and with John Ledger leading both companies T-Mobile and Sprint the future is going to be awesome when it comes to 5G LTE

  6. they merged!!

  7. This merger talk has been called off. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-us/sprint-t-mobile-call-off-merger-after-months-of-talks-idUSKBN1D40RY

  8. It’s probably nothing. T-Mobile just launched its connected home imitative so they’re in talks about that

  9. i doubt it will happen as part of the deal would be for t-mobile to eat up the 30 billion that sprint owes to soft bank and then theres the nightmare of getting customers onto one platform. all in all it would be a bad deal for every one. i would let sprint go broke and file a bankruptcy and then buy everything cheap

  10. Talks are off the table. I am glad this happened. Being a Boost customer. I can't afford to buy a new phone and plan.

  11. Breaking news…



  12. This will have at&t and verizon pissing their pants. They are already struggling with tmobile stealing their customers. If this merger goes through at&t and verizon will lose their only advantage which is coverage.

  13. I am for a T-Mobile and Sprint merger!! I would like to see Vodafone buy some of the regional carriers like US Cellular, C Spire, etc.

  14. If they keep T-Mobile branding and CEO of T-Mobile I will stay! But if Sprint and there CEO take over I am going to either AT&T of Verizon.

  15. T-Mobile has not ran out of money. They have been improving their network in every quarter of this year alone. Sprint on the other hand is running out of money and I personally think if the merger doesn’t happen, sprint will be forced to file chapter 11 bankruptcy

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