STEM Mobile Lab

Today’s kids have grown up with technology
at their fingertips. When they walk into the classroom, however,
they sit with a book and listen to a lecture. That’s why having this technology on board
the STEM Eye is so important, is putting life back into the classroom. STEM is an Acronym for Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math. STEM is such a hot topic in education today
because jobs of the future are going to require workers who have STEM skills. It’s a wonderful, wonderful compliment to
our current curriculum, and it extends all fields of science and even an engineering
piece. It was pretty impressive. It’s amazing technology. It’s never too early for them to start thinking
about their careers as an adult, and to see the vast majority of jobs that could possibly
be available there and that they could hopefully stay right in our community so we reap the
benefits of this in years to come. There’s a student that I’m thinking of in
particular who experience this technology and that student walked away after that experience
and said to me, “Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I wanted to
become a doctor. Now, I want to be a doctor.” I would love to thank anyone who supported
the local option to ask for Hawkeye Community College because without that, I doubt that
the extent of this experience would be available to our students. So, we’re so fortunate to have a community
that supports education in Waterloo. If you have the opportunity to visit the
STEM Eye, I highly recommend it. You can’t understand how phenomenal this technology
is until you experience it first hand. We want to get you on board.

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