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  1. Can you send standard text messages over this? Most cell-to-WiFi protocol converters don’t support it. “Advanced Messaging” means iMessage or chat services…not standard text.

  2. In the meantime T-Mobile doesn't have such a good service like AT&T Verizon forget about it I mean coverage reception advertisement is excellent

  3. Just installed my CellSpot and it's working great in my home. Thank you tremendously, guys! Seriously, went from average of 7 Mbps to nearly 50 Mbps download speeds.

  4. it doesn't work! and 80 a month for no YouTube at my house. Your service is garbage and so are the devices. God your such a liar

  5. A joke. If you have Wifi at home you can use that for data. Which you need an internet connection anyways for this to work.The ONLY thing this is good for is improving your signal for calls. And even then…you can use wifi calling. Overall this is not worth it for most people.

    Plus anyone with TMobile can use your Cellspot to send and receive calls and use data. Even if you don't know them. If they can latch onto your signal, you can't stop them from using it.

  6. Well…..honestly Verizon is the best. AT&T is better than T-Mobile. But for the price and for what they offer and especially after they improved their coverage and with and awesome CEO lol I'll choose T-Mobile because it suites my needs.

  7. T-Mobile is so desperate that there coverage is terrible.they give you a mini TOWER!? just get your coverage better.

  8. John I got one of these last year. It blew my socks off. I was always getting 5 bars of full LTE. I was getting over 60 mps download on my Iphone, then I switched to an LG V10 and it was even better!!! Until…….the 6.0 update, now it only gives me 4G when I use the cellspot and i'm lucky to break 10 mps download speeds.. I called T mobile and they're sending me a replacement phone. I hope that fixed this.. Has anyone else had this Issue? if you have please email me at [email protected] thanks..

  9. So why would any non-business household want this if they already have wifi and it requires an internet connection?

  10. John sounds great but in my area in southern tier ny freedom ny14065 there is no T-Mobile signal ….so I have to wait and hope in a few years maybe T-Mobile will finally make it out of buffalo ny and more rural areas like ware iam

  11. ok… but if your phone supports wifi calling what the heck is the point of this? This still requires internet and most people already have wifi if they have high speed internet why not just use their existing wifi? How would this benefit someone with WiFi calling?

  12. I get signal my issue is they slow down my speeds come on John get it together you're taking my money and not living up to your part of the deal, is like stealing with permission of course.

  13. I love TMOBILE! They have really shaken up the wireless market and forced Att and Verizon off their high horses

  14. This didn't amazed me. I have landline wifi and strong LTE signal in my area.
    What really amazed me is when you break the cellphone service provider rules by offering everyone in US a flat price of unlimited everything for $9.99 with no throttle. The companies that amazed me are freedompop, ringplus, yourkarma, and ting. Those who are trying to be the disruptors of traditional business models.

  15. Is there a call quality difference when on wifi calling as opposed to VoLTE?

    Also the data is provided to the phone applications from Tmobile tunneling thru the Internet?

  16. tmobile with all these uncarriers movement and yet the ONLINE SERVICE is down and it's been down for 4-5 months now. PLEASE fix. I want to have access via online using a laptop or any computer

  17. f*** you T Mobile now they charge $95 plus tax for unlimited plan now I have to pay $115 for month .. I'm going back to att 🙁

  18. FUCKING LYING ASS T-MOBILE……… ""Unlimited 4G LTE""….. lol !!!
    Once u hit around 100gb of downloads within a month, YOU WILL BE THROTTLED to a slower speed till your next billing cycle. T-Mobile calls it "De-Prioritization" and states a claim that a person is "De-Prioritized" because the person hogs the most bandwidth of a certain tower slowing down or clogging up T-Mobile tower servers for other T-Mobile customers….BULLSHIT. T-MOBILE, You shouldnt claim an offer of "Unlimited 4G LTE" to the American society If you supposedly cannot handle true Unlimited 4G LTE technology across the USA and to every each one of your millions of $80 plan customers… T-Mobile, until the day comes you are truly technologically advance enough to output real and fixed "Unlimited 4G LTE", you should change the "Unlimited 4G LTE $80 plan" name to "FIRST 100GB at 4G LTE then unlimited 128kbps-3mbps $80 plan" !!!
    People are waking up fast…. its gaining popularity… people talking about the T-Mobile Unlimited 4G LTE FARCE all over the internet forums. AT&T got sued for $100 million dollars for throttling unlimited customers by the FCC, Verizon was sued and paid a total of $1 million each to more than 13,000 unlimited customers for throttling their unlimited service.
    I wouldnt mind me a Million dollars………… BWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH lol.

  19. Thumb down because any t-mobile user in my cellspot area is using my internet, can not imagine my neighbor has t-mobile unlimited data plan that play online stream video all day, this will lag my home network and potentially cap my internet data limitation which t-mobile didn't tell us, situation gets worst with t-mobile binge on.

  20. Wow, they finally have 4G coverage in my area, I will do some more research on the actual cell signal strengths, but if true, count me as a new customer!

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