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  1. Trying to understand 2 phones and one number. If you did a search of the number it comes up No. 1 Listing lady name No.2 Listing a man number. I'm sure no relationship at all. Why does it show 2 listings. Would one of the listings not be aware their name has been used to open a line?

  2. I'll have to look into this. I'm guessing you're still paying two contracts?

    I've got two phones both with "unlimited everything" (I have put over 1Tb through a single sim in a month, for a few consecutive months – no complaints) … but I'm paying £35 UK (approx. $45 US) for each contract. I really need two phones but I'd love to get them both on the same mobile number if it's possible, just for business continuity purposes.

    Over here they keep saying that you can't have two identical MINs on the same network as the technology doesn't support it. I'm not sure how true that is anymore … but perhaps a workaround is to somehow port my number onto two different networks/vendors. That might work if it can be negotiated.

    The only problem is that I'm not sure I could even find an unlimited and unshaped data plan elsewhere – it's not something they usually offer.

    Bah, mobile operators… always so inflexible and always bending you over any way they can.

    One day we'll have a seamless handoff technology for WiFi and then all mobiles will be roaming VoIPs. We won't NEED multiple proprietary telephony/pager/sms networks once we have a single unified wireless internet solution based on open architecture. The sooner we dismantle all those commercial cell towers and replace them with 5Ghz MIMO internet towers, the better.

    I may dismantle one later today … y'know… see if it starts a trend ; ))))

  3. Dumb video….he shows it works, we all know you can have two phones 1 number or 1 phone two numbers BUT….
    What he doesn't say is how , what's needed, cost, setup, ect ect. Why do these people waste there time with incomplete information. I'm guessing he doesn't know how it got set up. Someone else did it for him.
    All he knows is it works.

  4. Why would you need a duplicate SIM? Just get just get an extra phone number and carry one phone and just have that number go through all ur devices through WiFi. That’s the whole point of digits. Who wants to carry two different phones I can barely keep up with just one

  5. I'm not sure what the benefits of 'Digits' is over something like a Google voice number, since you can get a Google voice number that will ring ANY phone, even if it is not hooked up to a service contact. Sounds like it's on my use is to have 2 phones, a daily driver and your special events phone but then you only need a duplicate SIM for that. Sounds like a ploy for T-Mobile to just charge you xtra money.

  6. This was extremely helpful! I plan to use DIGITS the exact same way you have it set up here, two SIM cards sharing the same number across one Android phone and one iPhone. Good to see this works seemlessly without needing to go through the DIGITs app. Thanks for making this video.

  7. When you text from one device does a copy of that message history show up on the other device?

  8. I called TMobile about this. They said it will cost me $25/month which is a bit steep. How much are they carving you?

  9. thank you for taking the time to make this, very informative. I am planning on doing this with a iphone 7, and note 8.

  10. Can I answer both phones for the same call? Or the first phone that answers is the only one that I can speak on?

  11. I would like to put the phone/data sim card to my mobile hotspot device, can my 4G LTE phone with no sim card in it be able to pick up calls and send or receive text messages?

  12. I was thinking about just going to my phone company and saying my sim card got damaged so i can get a sim with the same number. I have two phones, so if one phone dies, I can just quickly switch to the other one.

  13. hi friend, I am expecting same thing to be happen ! and when your camera on are there camera show the same picture or video.
    please reply me . I need one phone use as a my network cctv camera….which my store room is. there are no internet either electric! so my plan keep one up there and other on on my hand. so when ever i need to see I can….

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