T-Mobile Nationwide 5G Coverage: It’s On!

We’re ready. Hell, yeah. Been looking forward to this. Modulating frequencies now. It’s time. Let’s light it up. Are you ready, Neville? Pre-check Check – Check. Okay, Neville. In T-Minus, three, two, one… Ready to launch. Hit the button. Here we go. It’s working, it’s working! Nationwide 5G is live. Yeah! And we’re just getting started. Wait until they see what’s next. Soon my friend, very soon.

77 Replies to “T-Mobile Nationwide 5G Coverage: It’s On!

  1. I love T Mobile! My city however can't even get 4G LTE yet! 4G only since 2016! 7300 people here! C'mon T Mobile! Mark in Iowa.

  2. I certainly hope it solves my T-Mobile issue with only having 1 bar 📶 LTE even though I live near the interstate.🛣

  3. What type of speeds is the 600mhz band supposed to get ? Also I apparently live in an area that cannot get your internet due to lack of towers. I live next to a sprint tower and currently have 2 100gb plans purchased just to get close to enough data a month. Whem the new tmobile comes out will you take over all the sprint towers and hopefully upgrade the speeds ?

  4. Map says 5G is active in my city … lte barely works here that was verified by a tech on his field service phone …

  5. wow. fireeeeee. this is the best video announcement I’ve ever seen. this should be the video announced of the year. Way to go 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  6. Awesome! According to the 5G map, I have 5G coverage right now! Just release the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Editon and I'm in!

  7. @T- Mobile…
    If the network hits around 300mbps to 400mbps on the 600mhz spectrum, this will be a huge success for tmobile…

  8. They talk a lot about the United States, talk about Puerto Rico here too they are behind. Since in San Juan in ATT they have 5GE 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🙄🥱🥱🥱🥱

  9. This is great! Can't wait for other carriers to expand their offerings and catch up! (epic video as well – someone deserves a bonus!)

  10. My question is. This is the 600mhz signal? So will any other phone that isn't 5G like the google pixel 4 be able to connect to this signal with LTE? I would love to see the benefits of this signal without having to get a 5G phone.

  11. T-Mobile has the best and most upbeat adverts. Can’t even call them adverts I guess. I can’t wait for my 5G Phone. Thanks T-Mobile!

  12. Love the T-Mobile adverts with John Legere and Neville Ray and April Fools' jokes are our favourite too 😁. Keep them coming!

  13. In your face AT&T and Verizon. Im from Puerto Rico and i apreciated that you include my island in the comercial and in the launch of the 5G network 💪

  14. Excellent. I hope it's going to work just fine. Now we need devices for home-Internet. Rural areas need this, as we have no options for Broadband, just some horrible, slow data capped nonsense. Can we get a few T-Mobile towers in our little town and it's surrounding area?

  15. T-Mobile December 6 ready 5G just phone are One plus 5G $900 Samsung Galaxy 5G $1300 T-Mobile took over in US Att&T and Verizon not yet Christmas beginning from T-Mobile 2019 gift for all costumes 5G is turn on !!!!

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