T-Mobile Sprint Merger – What will happen with business wireless plans pricing?

hey guys it's Prince Richard bridge technology group and in today's video I want to talk about the Sprint t-mobile merger and what will possibly happen to your business Wireless pricing and plans so let's hop right into it we're going to talk a little bit about the merger what our opinions at rich Technology Group is on it and what we think may happen so that you kind of have an idea what – maybe expect what your business services from the good and the bad perspective so first of all Wireless plans and pricing what will happen as most of you know at least in our experiences because we've had Sprint and t-mobile business in the past from our experiences we always thought that t-mobile had be better pricing especially on the unlimited plans side but Sprint tended to have the better coverage because of just the way that they were set up so what we're thinking are honest speculation is that t-mobile pricing will probably stay the same for a number of years but you may see that it goes up because they're probably going to need to somehow someway generate more money to handle the duplicate infrastructure of taking on a merger do we think that's going to be a major increase in price not really and I honestly don't think that most businesses will suffer greatly financially from it or will even care especially with the added probably features and better coverage that you're going to get from the merger between the two that brings us to point number 2 which is coverage it's kind of a no-brainer I mean you're talking a merger between Sprint which not only uses least hours but has their own towers and then a merger between Sprint and t-mobile which t-mobile has their own towers and uses least towers so you're going to end up getting better coverage out of the deal for your business either way you look at it now I don't know much about sprint businesses international plans I travel internationally quite a bit and I do know that Sprint does have a decent international plan which I've seen a lot of people use when they when they travel with me on business t-mobile tends to be the better contender when it comes to their international plans as well as as far as coverage for select countries but also their rates tend to be really good so we're thinking the merger between the two between t-mobile's already t-mobile businesses already existing great plans and packages for international travelers for business but also Sprint's already existing as well international capability to be able to let you make calls from your existing number and all that type of stuff we're thinking back and really only improve what will happen to the pricing nobody really knows the name this is probably the biggest question that we get asked as somebody who is a broker for armed sprint sprint business t-mobile business and also AT&T business and Brian Verizon Wireless for businesses the biggest question that we get asked is what's gonna happen to the name we don't really know for sure but through our brokerage that we go through to be able to deal with sprint business and t-mobile business the rumor is is that t-mobile is probably going to take precedence the reason that we've heard this rumor is because rumor has it that supposedly somewhere in this unofficial contract between t-mobile and Sprint for this merger t-mobile has already kind of put their foot down basically saying they're not going to give up their name we're actually kind of okay with that because we I personally have always felt like t-mobile has the better branding and has the better marketing outreach for not only being able to reach more people but for the purposes of us selling t-mobile we feel like they are going to be the better contender as far as offering the better marketing support for us to offer more and better services to new businesses out there that are looking to switch to t-mobile so in my handle of the coin I think that when the dust settles which we've heard is going to take as far as potentially four to six years before you start seeing like the real marketing implications as far as the brand and all that in the logo and stuff in the market we think that t-mobile is going to be the one that gets to keep the logo and Sprint is going to kind of go by the wayside so that's our honest opinion the truth of the matter is is that supposedly this deal is supposed to be done like paper is supposed to be signed and everything finished before the end of 2020 our take on it is honestly we're actually pretty excited about it and we're thinking that if rumor is true and that t-mobile is the one that essentially consumes sprint and takes place over the name we're actually pretty happy with that we like t-mobile's branding a lot better and quite honestly we actually get paid more from tea bubble business plans than we do from Sprint and we've always found t-mobile to be the most competitive over Sprint and have more clients come to us for t-mobile than we do for Sprint so um that's kind of our short take on what to expect for the t-mobile Sprint merger and what to expect as far as your business cert quality of service as well as plans again this is Prince rich with rich Technology Group your go-to guy for business phone and internet service in the United States don't forget we're also a wireless provider for the top three for new accounts and upgrades I'll catch you guys again and new and new videos

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