100 Replies to “The $1850 Garmin MARQ Captain Ruined Other Smartwatches For Me

  1. The only thing I like is the looks, nothing else you mentioned I wasn't jealous about, my galaxy watch looks great and is way better, not much in terms of scratching, still perfect 1 year later and I wear it for work.

  2. Not my personal style, I'm partial to analog watches, but this is the first smartwatch that objectively I like everything about. Same about the jacket

  3. HUAWEI GT2 is fine for me 2 weeks battery 500 song storage, answer and make calls, built in gps and more price £100 for me.

  4. Thanks for this review. I would have liked to have seen the nautical features in more depth though. Specifically how it links to boat-side equipment.

  5. This is aimed at a very rarefied consumer base seeing as my humble Redmi Note 7 is approximately 10 times cheaper than the Garmin MARQ Captain and is very decidedly not as premium. Heck, even my TV is 1/4th the cost of this device.
    That being said, more power who want to own one of these amazing smart-watches. I'm sure if my finances allowed me to, i would have got myself one ! 😀 .
    Much love to Mr.Mobile. Your narration makes every video of yours a masterclass on tech videos

  6. Do yourself a favour and invest in a nice mechanical watch. As practical as they can be, smart watches are more like gadgets and become outdated after a year or two.

  7. Amazing review as always, what’s your say on the latest escobar fold 2 scandal and how different youtubers reacted

  8. Thinking to upgrade to one of these, currently using a Fenix 5X plus titanium, absolutely love it, the build quality on the MARC models would be a step up.

  9. You should try out the new Honor Magic Watch 2 and its counterpart Huawei Watch GT2… They look to strike the best balance between utility and style…

  10. It's certainly a nice product, but the lack of a (rotating) crown is a deal-breaker for me. Otherwise, it definitely seems like a big an improvement, display quality aside.
    I'm still waiting for mechanical watches with the smartwatch display overlaid. I know there are some examples already but they're still very much a work in progress. And we need a better mainstream wearable OS, because… because WearOS is bad.

  11. You skipped the most important feature of the screen. Yes it is low resolution but it’s that way for a reason, you can see it under light. No backlight needed, just put it towards any kind of light source and you can see the screen. It is VERY VERY visible, which is highly important in terms of battery saving and outdoor fitness. And sailing, I guess…

  12. Garmin fenix 6X pro titanium sapphire, with same size, better display and 22 days on a charge is available for some time already.

  13. MrMobile, you shoukd look at the fenix series, a marq without the design. Same software, same build quality, if you want, titanium. Sapphire display, a little lichter, but still heavy. I got the fenix 5, happy with it. The fenix 6 already has an upgraded display. Price? Under thousand dollars. Anywhere between 600 and 1100 (the most expensive, biggest titanium with solar model)

  14. Great review as usual. I would love to own one, but if I was about to spend almost $2,000 on a watch, I would rather get a Hamilton or Longines automatic and spend the rest on a Garmin Fenix 6. 😄 But I admit, I am not a target customer.

  15. You missed most important bit about this watch. It's tries to be a classical watch, not 'modern gadget', that's why the pricing.

  16. Yeah no thanks. That's enough cash for an Oris Aquis or Monta Oceanking, watches that will last for a lifetime. That 7-day battery will be good for a couple of years, and the screen looks obsolete right now.

  17. Love your videos man 🙂. The background music and your style of reviewing make it such a joy to watch.👌👌

  18. Good one!
    Garmin is a watch you you just like..:)
    Been on Garmin Fenix from first gen and they are damn solid and built like a tank with very solid battery. Not as good on smartwatch stuff, but overall works better for my use than my samsunbg or Aw..:)
    Android did fail from start and still a big fail..:)

  19. Don't worry, considering the trend of phone prices, these prices will be very acceptable in two years time.
    Beside that, I'm glad you found a product that you enjoy and that's all that matters.

  20. Came for the Star Trek quotes… stayed for the Pog/Slammer references!

    I'd be curious to see what you think of something like the Garmin Venu, which has all of the non-sailing functionality of the MARQ, with a (much) better screen, not quite the same build quality, but a much more favourable price!

  21. @mrmobile That was my post from "ablogtowatch" regarding the Garmin Marq and the watches I saw while on Special Operations. It was fun to suddenly see it on here. Thanks!

  22. Makes sense for Garmin. It is their Halo products. What is possible with focus and quality. Engineers let alone to their own devices. Used to happen more often. These are not major sellers and they're not supposed to be. I will never spend that much on a wearable ever. I I hate anything on my wrist. Even if I did, there is nothing compelling for me anyway. I would love on that is audio centric. SPL meter built in, 32gb of high quality music with bluetooth so I don't need my phone. Even an accessory that connects to microphones to tie in with its built in RTA. And more other other tools I have yet to think about
    But a theme centric wearable being great and a quality product, it's time has come. If I am willing to pay for the quality or robust design, let's do it. If I want something I'll replace in 2 years which is how they are made now, which I don't. So who would step up to the plate? Maybe Nagra.

  23. Garmin has been overlooked as a smart watch for a while now. Their watches do great notifications and are the best for health tracking. The fenix series gives you basically every feature the mark series does at a quarter the price.

  24. What happens when the battery dies? Will Garmin replace it with a fee? Or is it disposable just like the rest of the Smart Watches.

  25. Have you thought about doing a watch from the Fenix line. Yes they are super athlete tuned, but having worn an older generation of them they are fantastic smart watches that you can just beat on day in and day out (again without needing to charge every night). Plus they at an approachable price point compared to the MARQ series.

  26. Great review as always! For those looking for similar specs in a more affordable range, Garmin makes a whole slew of them! The Fenix 6 line is very comparable for half the cost. Personally went with a Fenix 5 Plus. Titanium version, sapphire glass, for about 450 dollars gets you most of the same bells and whistles!

  27. All these smart watches with a chonky black tire bezel around the entire screen have all ruined smart watches for me… I’ve resorted to restoring my moto 360 because it’s screen actually touches the bezel!

  28. Since almost all modern navigation instruments in boats and airplanes are from Garmin, these superwatches with some smartwatch features, are pretty much usable, so not a gimmick at all. You can even use it to control the boat.

    I use the "regular", fenix line(poor mans marq), far more accurate than any smartwatch out there, battery lasts much longer, than these marq models, though that's because of the size, 6x at the moment.

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