The Best OSB & More Rot! | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #10

hey guys welcome to the homestead so
today we are continuing the dining room project and we make it all the way
across the room to the other side of the wall alright so we have two main
revelations in this project video you’re gonna watch as well first being not all
OSB are created equal we find out a huge difference between brands as far as
texture and workability any smoothness into this yep
which would be texture but that’s okay yes the second big thing in this video
is we find more rot now this is rot that we had a suspicion was already there we
just confirmed it so if you’re interested to learn a little bit about
OSB and textures and smoothness and see some more rot stay tuned Wow this is rotten out I think it’s fun
remember this house is sitting kind of in the wood yeah yeah that’s old yeah I
need that one more time sometimes you just gotta step through 13 15 and 1/4 1,400 order 1413 and 5/8 let you down plug that biggest letdown
ever I’m gonna hop down and do the blocking
thank you to Carol for sending us this kneepad this is going to be great my
knees thank you Vangelis to look forward we get to do something other than just
tariffs or put down the fork well just something where we’re not almost working
on the floor and under the floor all the time oh yeah yeah then you’re pushing
them look carefully placed inflation it’s been laser so we’re home measurement there huh okay
that’s not 14 anyway there’s no way this is 14 inches
what oh that’s my 10 hold on what you got there on the counter what’s that one
13 or 5/8 okay moment of truth so I scream for help Hey yes pick up please thank you okay
just enough for me to clear this as we let you down you clear the countertop
yeah okay unless I trim this that’s right got the
oscillating tools my heart determine what I have to trim this all right let’s
hear check how you’re feeling right there yeah that did another came out so hmm yeah it’s it’s Greg I mean it’s
supposed to be it’s pretty right here itself space and time Mary do not close
it again that’s even all the way across okay the subfloor we used in this video we
actually got from our local hardware store here in our small little town
the price per sheet was about nine dollars more which we didn’t like but we
were on a time crunch and a convenience crunch so we decided to go for it we are
really glad that we did because we have just had our eyes opened about subfloor
OSB and they are not all the same so the new sheets that we bought are Advantech
brand subfloor prior to that we were using products from Lowe’s called true
floor there are vast differences in the smoothness and quality of the texture of
the panel’s Advantech is a lot smoother and a lot more finished feeling panel
I’m sure the true floor is gonna be okay there both will be fine but if I had to
choose one over the other or to advise you to pick one over the other if you
can get it by the Advantech so it’s finally done
it’s so nice to have the sturdy floor back underneath us as you could see some
of the rot did look pretty bad fortunately it’s mainly just superficial
we did find a lot of good wood behind it so it’s okay for now we do have plans to
put in French doors in the future we’re probably going to hold off for a little
while so we can finish up the kitchen and then they’ll be at it yep we want to
try and control the amount of demolition we do with the house and not get into I
think it’s called project creep or demo creep it’s where you you start something
you see something else needs fixed something else needs fixed and it can
get overwhelming if you’re not careful try to be mindful of that that and I
think you’re kind of really looking forward to having your new kitchen done
yes very much so so kitchen is a higher priority than
replacing old windows with some kind of a French door system something or other
so the next step is going to be to start going more towards the kitchen with the
floor which is very quickly going to hit the
cabinets so we’re gonna have to start ripping out the cabinets and countertops
and finest demos for everything yeah it’ll be a point of God I’ve replaced it
really really quickly because we’ll be taking out the sink the dishwasher all
of our base cabinets for refrigerators really get moved so I don’t think it’s
something you’re gonna let me kind of have you know how to in flux for a
couple weeks no yeah I think so so a lot of really
exciting stuff is coming hope you guys stick around subscribe and join us
thanks for watching we’ll see you guys next time bye hey guys hey guys welcome
to the homestead what are you saying just do what you did again and I’ll pick
it up hey guys welcome to the homestead hey guys welcome to homestead that’s
what I’m used to saying this is really awkward okay
why no no go for I got mad once I know you

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  2. You are making good progress there. Patience is not my best virtue, I admire yours. Love your work ethic. Blessings to you all ❤

  3. Thanks for sharing! Really enjoy watching the renovation of your home! Actually I enjoy watching whatever you video tape, you guys are a great family 👍😁🇨🇦

  4. If you two should get disheartened with the whole thing just check out The Hollar Homestead's demo videos and you'll feel much better about your projects. 🙂
    Have fun! xoxo

  5. I absolutely love watching y'all!! Thanks for the OSB difference … Now I know which one to go for when I start ripping floors up … Looks awesome!!

  6. That's the thing about mobile homes, they're not really homes, and aren't subject to the same building codes that real structures are held too. On top of that, the manufacturers of mobile homes are good at making something look like a real house when in reality it's not. I certainly don't have to tell you, I'm sure that you've seen that everything is made with the lowest quality everything and is glued and stapled together very cheaply. On top of all of that, any money you put into renovations doesn't add value to the home because it's a mobile home, not a real structure, so while it makes your living space more efficient, safe, and all that, you'll never get that money back out of it like you would with a real home. I know you had a real home and gave it up to do what you're doing now, and good luck with everything, but it's going to be difficult to avoid the 'demo creep' you spoke about.

  7. Thanks i learned something bout osb also learned that u guys r proper hillbillies ur shirts kinda matched in the vid lol

  8. another great video… I really enjoy watching you two remodel your home… I think you all are doing a fabulous job with your home repairs… God bless you all…

  9. If you haven't already, check out diyfferent. They are amazing and he explains everything perfectly. He's very picky on the quality of his work but trust me, there is nothing you'll run across in that mobile home they haven't tackled. Again their channel is DIYfferent.

  10. Definitely going to look for that subfloor when we tackle the bathroom floor! Ps, love your bloopers💗💗💗💗

  11. Another great video, love your outakes at the end. What a difference French doors would make! But so sensible to do it a bit at a time. Take care……and by the didn't look 14" from where I was standing 😀. Beth, UK

  12. I swear the more I see of N. Carolina and good folks who live there like you two, the more I think I wouldn't mind living there myself.

  13. Serious DEMOOOoh.. let's go!!!!!.. I have restored 3 Victorian homes in my lifetime, to their former glory… now I just get to enjoy others suffer the pain and .. .. your both young.. YOU CAN TAKE IT..

  14. Your welcome on the knee pad. I have a bad back and knees, so be careful of your back and knees. Love the out takes….🤗

  15. Your videos are refreshing! Love your sense of humor and look forward to watching each new video along your remodeling journey.

  16. Bud, I feel your pain on rot. I’m in a 70s model double wide and the sliding glass back door is gonna give at any day. The trim has rotted away and the door is to heavy to support itself. If only the door would rot with it 🤔🤔

  17. Maybe y'all should contact that sub flooring company and maybe they would consider sponsorship since you find it to be such a great product. Hey it might be a good thing all they could say is no. 🙋🏼🙏✝️💕

  18. 5:30. Your calmness in the discovery of a mistake is a lesson to is all. We all need not be quick to being upset. As I watched I myself learned I am a little harsh myself, and want to thank you for showing the gentleman way of fixing that mistake. "Well break time."

  19. You two are very wise, for a young couple, in the renovation world. You obviously do a lot of reading & checking things out before starting. I love it. I look forward for more. Art in CA

  20. Do you guys watch Diyfferent? They are renovating a mobile home in Michigan. They do wonderful work but they have their home stripped down to the bones now. Worth watching. I like how you are being careful how much work you do each time. It’s coming along well.

  21. Have you looked on facebook market place? You could really save some money.My son was looking at it yesterday and noticed that they had plywood for $5.00 a sheet.

  22. Love the bloopers 💕😂😜💕and yall two are doin great job its gonna look awesome when done tyfs some of your day blessings to yall 🙏

  23. When I rebuilt my kitchen, I planed an island in the middle. It is not fixed so it can be moved. I live in a double wide, so space was a premium. But I built the island first. Then the kitchen was completed one wall at a time. The sub-floor had been replaced by the prior owner, so I only had to replace the top floor. But the island was great during the 3 months it took to complete the job. I always had 5 feet of countertop with 5 drawers and a large storage space in the island to work with. I work full time and no work shop. So I had to build and finish the cabinets in the driveway. The island made the space livable during the construction. Even if you do not plan an island, you can still build a large movable cabinet for the purpose. The cabinet can be used somewhere else after the job is complete.

    I do not know what your plans are for cabinets, purchased prefab, custom cabinets, or building them yourself. If the later then the island is also a good way to help perfect the skills required if you need the experience. An island has the same basic requirements of a frame, drawers, doors, and countertop that the rest of the kitchen requires. It can be built without disturbing the existing structure at your convenience.

    As for OSB and particle board the only difference is the size of the particles. I do not use either for anything that really requires structure. So never! I suppose OSB is OK for sheathing a roof where it does not get walked on or furniture, etc. Any load from snow would be spread across the entire roof. If water damaged then easy enough to replace sections as required. But anything else, I only use plywood. But even quality of plywood has gone down these days.

  24. Great stuff guys! I somehow tripped over your honda element camper experiment and here I am 30 min's later : ). So awesome to see peep's liv'in a dream! Regarding this vid… I don't know much about nuth'in but noticed you installed paper backed fiberglass batt insulation beneath that new sub-floor and hope that you did a little prior research to make sure that that's kosher (hopefully its find!). I mention it only because I once learned that using the wrong type of insulation (with vapor barrier on the wrong side of things) in the wrong area can lead to major headaches… mainly moisture and mold. Best of luck with all things!!!

  25. Project creep. Doug and Ashless all the way. They did alot of bouncing around. Sometimes things intertwine so you have no choice. I understand what happened to them. Mobile homes are built way different than a house. I run into it on every problem we have come up. It's never Just one thing. It's a stream of things. Like the wood rot. It goes on and on.

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