The Cellphone Addiction Test!

– All right, guys, so I’m here
in Buffalo for the weekend. (guitar strum) I decided to stop by my homeboy
Scott Kinmartin’s place. What’s goin’ on, brother man? (whoosh) – We had some banana beer last night. – We did have banana
beer, it was delicious! – That was some good stuff. It was, I’m having a
good time and everything, but I want to talk to you about something. That’s part of the reason why
I’m in Buffalo, a little… – No, I will not make out with you. – (sighs) Shit. All right, question two. Every time I see you,
you’re on your cell phone. – On your phone
– [Scott] I see you. – No, I see… – I see you in that video. – I see you on your phone,
because you’re always on Twitter. You’re on Facebook, and doing
God only know what else. – That is part of social media. I do understand that. It is a problem for a lot
of people, but not me. I can handle it. – But see, that’s where
I’m going with this. – Okay, I am on my phone… – You’re on your phone a lot! All the time. Like, I bet you got your phone
in your pocket right now. – Psh, no! (text alert) That was the stove, I swear to you! – Yeah, okay, that was the stove. Well listen, I found a test online. – Okay. – To see if you’re AIDS-positive. (laughs) I found a test online to see if you’re addicted to your phone, and I have it right here. I printed this shit off. – Oh! – I’ve got five questions. It’s five questions to see if
you’re addicted to your phone. – Is this gonna ruin my
chances with the ladies? – I don’t think you had
any chance to begin with. Question the first. – (laughs) Question the first, okay. – If you can’t go 24 hours
without your cell phone, you’re addicted to your cell phone. – I can do that. No problem. – I don’t think you can. – I can! I’ve gone camping in the woods
up in the Smoky Mountains, no problem, without any reception. – All right, well I’m
taking your phone from you, and we’ll see how well that goes. – Okay. (Italian music) – Chill out, dude, chill out! – I just want to check my DMs! – Not a good start, brother man. – What was that all aboot? – (laughs) ‘Cause I’m Canadian! Aboot, crazy! Next question. If you can’t eat a meal without taking a picture of it first, you are addicted to your cell phone. That’s you. – Who wants to see your
plate after you eat the food? – Your Facebook looks
like a restaurant menu. – So maybe I need a slight intervention. – Yeah, no kidding. Number three. If you use your cell
phone around other people, you’re addicted to your phone. And you do this all the time. Remember last night? – No. (Italian music) – And he says, “Well, yeah, “if you didn’t look like Rosie O’Donnell!” (laughs) So I took this stripper home
last night, and she had a dick! A big huge man dick! Looked like a baby’s arm holdin’ an apple. Swear to God, if she had swung her hips, she’d have taken my head clean off. Yeah, almost got killed last night with a big old he-she meat hammer. Scottie! – What? Yeah, that’s cool. Hey, look at this. Someone’s actually using my profile picture as theirs on Facebook. Who does that? – I hate you so much right now. – Yeah, you don’t remember that? Yeah, ’cause I do. Number four. If you frequently find your phone is open in your hand for no reason. Now, this happens to be a fact. Your phone has been in your
hand through this entire video. – I am waiting for an important email. None of your business. – An important email. From who? – For Fiesta Movement. – (laughs) Oh, that’s kind of important. – Yeah. – All right, number five. And you need to pass this one, because you’re not doing
so well right now, so… You just touched my leg. – Hey, sexual! – If you schedule every aspect
of your life in your phone. Now, let me see your phone. I want to see your calendar. I’m gonna read the things that… Give me the phone. Wake up, brush teeth, take a shower. Take a dump? You schedule your morning shits? – I like to stay regular, there
is nothing wrong with that. – That’s disgusting! Why don’t you just make it
natural and have it flow? – Okay. (farts) – Oh, fuck! You still got gas from last night. All banana bread beer, it’s disgusting. Does that mean you take your phone into the bathroom with you? Ugh! Oh God, that’s disgusting! I’m gonna go wash my hands. Ew! All right, well I just
had to go wash scats… (laughs) Scats. – (laughs) Scats? – I just had to go wash
Scott’s scat off my hands, because I was just touching his
phone and that’s disgusting. – Scat for Scott. – But, anyways, go check
out Scott’s channel. I’m usually live every
Wednesday for your live Let Your Google Hangout. – We have a hot chick,
we’ve got other YouTubers, and some great musicians. – Yes. – This guy. ♫ It’s a beautiful thing ♫ – You failed… – So is this video. – Yeah, man, thank you.
(high five) – I failed, but were we really surprised? How would you do on this test? – I would probably fail too. (laughs) I don’t, I don’t, I don’t… – So how about you guys? Would you pass or fail this test as well? Is the phone always there at your side? – All right, anything else before we go? – Yeah. (phone rings) One second. Hey, Chuckie! Another meat hammer? (high-pitched electronic music) – You mother bitch. It stopped recording. – You mother bitch. – Mother bitch. – Wait, you’ve had a Red Bull? (slurps) – I’ve had two Red Bulls (crazy laugh) I can’t snap. (flailing hands) (laughs) Sounds like a loose vagina. Woah, chill out, man! Chill out! – I just wanna check my (groans). (laughs)

100 Replies to “The Cellphone Addiction Test!

  1. i have a phone, but its not touch which is why i like it and so it dosent run out of power for weeks. But i only use it for 1 min every 2days that way i have only ever hat to charge 1s after 7 years!

  2. I have a phone, but I'm not addicted to it.  I do use it most of the time because I have audible and I listen to books while I'm working at home.

  3. I hate phones to begin with.  But I do have a cell and it's a $10 flip phone. Only reason I have it is I have AAA Road side assistance

  4. I don't even have a smart phone, just a flip phone that can barely do anything but call and text. I'd pass easily.

  5. Yeah I wasnt a fan of the toxic masculinity and ableist videos. Throw in random transmisogyny as a "joke"..idk why this channel was ever recommended.

  6. I would pass with flying colors. I have other things to do that are more important then living on my phone, and being on your phone when your hanging out with people is rude. Makes you feel like their phone is more important then you are….that's harsh man.

  7. I don't use my phone for internet for two reasons:1.Battery runs out quickly. 2.I don't surf the internet when I'm outside.

  8. ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.•) Daddy,Are Spammers Gone Yet?
    <,︻╦╤─ ҉

  9. I have gone a week without my phone. I don't take pictures of my food. Whats the point? I don't usually use my phone around others. And I don't even use reminders or calendar their in a folder called "Pointless Crap"

  10. i am 14 and i have 2 hand me down phones. the first one is an iPhone 3 which barley works now and its battery can only last one day without even being turned on. My second is my moms samsung 4 S Mini which she lost on one of New Zealands Glaciers and it got found a month later just barley working. the only thing i know how to do on this phone is send messages. PS i have no DATA on either.

  11. I'm 11 and I have a Asus Zenfone Go just when I am the highest in my class and I use it everytime for Whatsapp notifications.I then scroll trough the people who I chat with and turn it off.But I'm probably addicted to my phone because I always have it on my hand everywhere I go

  12. I was so none addicted to my phone that people never could call me. I only remembered that darn thing with me when I was able to put game apps on it.

  13. if i was in a group and i was using my tablet even when other people are talking to me, it isn't because i am addicted, but because i hate being social

  14. 1. I've misplaced my phone for days at a time and I did just fine
    2. I've never taken a picture of my meal, I don't see a point
    3. I don't spend much time around other people, I'm an introvert. you need to spend time around other people to use your phone around them
    4. like I stated before, I have misplaced my phone for days at a time, it can't be in your hand if you don't know where it is
    5. I often forget to put my doctor, dentist, or any other appt. on my phone, the only thing I have scheduled is a weekly alarm for something that is no one's business but mine
    so I passed, i'm not addicted to my phone

  15. My Answers:

    1. I can go 24 hours without my phone, depending if it's for school work like using a calculator or looking up definitions for words.
    2. I'd NEVER taken pictures of my food, before I started eating. That is freaking DISGUSTING!
    3. Unless it's an important conversation, I'd NEVER use my phone around other people if they want to talk to me. Always paying attention.
    4. No, my phone is normally setting on the desk or in my pocket if I don't need it. So good luck to me I guess.
    5. Nope never schedule ANYTHING on my phone, usually keep that in my head if I wanna do something. Almost daily.

    Results: I'm using my phone casually and be a normal person.

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