The Fall of Nadakhan | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

I will squash you
like bugs. Come on, Ninja.
Get him in the open. You have destroyed
my works of art. A pity. I suppose you’ll make
good replacements. Sure, you’re a real tough guy
when you get each of us alone. COLE:
But let’s see how tough you are
when we’re together. Hyah! I wish you still… [NADAKHAN LAUGHS] Zane! [LAUGHS] And so, the end of the Ninja
has begun. KAI: Fire! COLE: Earth! I wish you both– [GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] FLINTLOCKE:
Come on. [♪♪] [GROWLS] Sorry, Nya,
I have to do this. Aah! JAY:
He’s hit! We’ve got him! [SCREAMS] I wish you still… Lloyd! Come on, Flintlocke,
take the shot. NADAKHAN:
Now, give me back my sword. [NYA LAUGHS] NADAKHAN:
Finally. I wish… [GUN COCKS] FLINTLOCKE:
My shot is yours to keep. [GASPS] Tiger Widow venom. No! Delara… [ALL GASP] SENSEI WU: Move! Move! [CROWD SCREAMING]

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