The iconic Nokia 3310 Realised | Father is Back !

welcome to gadget to you today we discuss about iconic nokia 3310 once the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world no key made a decision to steer clear of Android in the favor of windows phone nokia is all set unveiled the 2017 refresher the iconic 3310 nokia have not revealed any details with a new report has shed some light on the heavily anticipated device first the 3310 will remain a feature phone and will not be running Android in any way secondly the design of the smartphone will not be too much of the radical departure unlike the original phone with the black-and-white display the refreshed mono will sport a larger color display but not a very high resolution one the device is also talented to be launched in multiple color variants such as red yellow and green report states that the new device will be launched in india as early as May what your thoughts about nokia 3310 share comment section below like share subscribe for more details thank you

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