The Magic of Dual SIM – Fairphone Tutorial

The Fairphone is a dual SIM phone which
might be different from what you use to. That means you have two SIM slots for work and private or when you travel abroad. In this clip I’m gonna walk you through
how to use each of these SIMs. I want to show you how to put your
SIMs in the back of your phone. You see here I have a mini-sized
German SIM card and micro-sized Dutch SIM card. To use the adapter you just take your
micro or nano SIM card and gently put it in the groove of the adapter. It’s supposed to be prettty easy. And after you put these in their slots just put the battery back in, put the cap
back on and you’re good to go. Now I’ll show you
how to set your SIM cards. From the home panel press the Settings
button and system settings. Under ‘wireless and networks’ press ‘SIM
Management’ and then you’ll see your available SIM cards. For mine I have a Dutch and German SIM activated.
You also see below it four features: voice call, video call, messaging and data connection. For each of these features you can assign one SIM as a default. You can also set it for ‘always ask’ so you’ll be prompted when making a phone call which SIM you want to use. Now let me show you ‘Contact binding’.
To do this you assign contacts. From home panel go to System Settings press ‘SIM Management’ and scroll down to press ‘Contact binding’. From here you probably won’t have any
contacts yet assigned to certain SIM to press plus and add some contacts to your SIM card. That’s it. All you wanted to know about
Dual SIM functionality on your phone. Remember the pull-down menu is your friend!

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