84 Replies to “The Microsoft Office app – Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more

  1. This is how the next revolutionary smartphone should be. Holographic, displays in ones retina. c'mon microsoft if one can dethrone Apple that is you

  2. Curious if this a more or less featured app than the individual apps and will PC and tablets be getting the All in one app as well?

  3. I would love to see this in my old Microsoft Lumia 950xl phone, but as always Microsoft get more importance to other platforms☹️

  4. The App is great, but please…don't kill the separated Word, Excel, Powerpoint Apps! I use them a lot on Samsung DEX in FullHD Fullscreen!

  5. This video is so full of confetti and balloons, it could be mistaken for a party planning app. I hope you'll make another video showing the actual app in use.

  6. This is honestly so hard to follow… just give me a simple video that shows the features. All this animation makes me NOT want to install this app.

  7. I was so immersed in the quality of the commercial, I forgot what the product was. Please let this creative team loose on your products!

  8. You just can't help yourself, can you? Once again you make a promise you can't keep. This app is NOT in the IOS store (yet). Click the link and it takes you to "Apple Store (Preview)". Go to the store on a phone, and it's not there. Why are we always your beta testers?

  9. This is beautiful. Please, bring the full functionality to iPad. Allow for the edition and selection of data, right now such an important feature is missing.

  10. I wish the design team who does the animations in these beautiful videos actually made subtle animations in the apps themselves. It's really needed to give it a more modern fluid ux.

  11. I agree with the last two comments below, Windows 7 was really beautiful looking as a OS/Desktop, then Windows 10 came and destroyed everything…Microsoft's biggest step backwards.. Wonderful Office App promo video guys! Maybe it's time to stop rolling out damaging windows 10 updates go back to proper releases once a year and make the design quality again 🙂

  12. Доверьте ребятам, которые делали дизайн этого приложения, поработать на интерфейсом ОС Windows. Так может на одном уровне с MacOS будет 🙂

  13. Now if they only got their sh** together with Windows… that would be great.
    I mean, you click a button inside your modern new settings app and it opens a Win7 styled window… even Linux distros don't do that.

  14. The animation and pure graphic quality in display here is absolutely stunning! The app looks great, but the way it's presented… otherworldly! I'm in awe. Kudos to the team

  15. This is the only thing from MS in a while that has truly inspired again was the motion graphics in the advertisement.
    Also the app is probably crap. 🙂

  16. Is it jist me or does anyone else feel they gone wayyyyy too overboard for just telling us that all 3 of their apps are in a single app now :p

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