The NEW 2020 MOTO RAZR First Reactions | Mashable

(upbeat music) – Ooohh. – What do I, what’s? – Um, oh that was cool. – Okay, (clapping hands) It’s shiny as hell and like, you know, I’m afraid to put fingerprints on it. – Love the color. I love how sleek it looks. Oh wow, I can see my reflection in it. – I like the, like width of it because I have really small hands and I feel like I can still like use this without stretching. – This is too wide for
my tiny woman hands. Just tiny hands. – Ah, the only thing I’m not liking is I’m getting fingerprints on it already and I was just saying
how nice and reflective the background is, but
now I see fingerprints when I’m staring at my face. – [Man] Nice sleek design, but it does look kind of old school. – It feels really sturdy. For a flip phone it’s a little heavy. I understand that it has like, you know, the computing power of a spacecraft. – From what I know about the Razr, back when I sort of had
one, was like, you know, like a sleek phone that
was, like, flipish. – I’m gonna try to do the Razr flip. – How do you do the flip,
(laughing) is that it? – It’s thin and compact, but still has a good
amount of weight on it, which makes me feel like
it’s sturdy and strong and wouldn’t break if I keep doing this. See. – Okay, this is pretty cool. I will say it’s a fun thing to have. – Such a boss-bitch phone, I like it. – I still have to use it like this? – Hello. – Huh? – I don’t know. The flip isn’t as satisfying as like from the Razr
or the Sanyo Katana II, which is what I had.
It’s a knock-off Razr. – Part of the fun of having
one of those old flip phones was that you could just like
dramatically whip it open and dramatically close it when you’re like in a fight with somebody. – That’s what it’s for. This is the perfect breakup phone. She’s arguing with you and you’re like, “You know what, I’m done with this.” Then you do the (banging shut). The satisfaction of
hanging up on somebody. – The flip is really not satisfying. This is how I feel all the time. – I’m not huge on the folding mostly because I feel like I have to be really like delicate and careful with this. – There’s that worry of, you know, if you can flip it too many times and if you’re not doing
it right it could break. – I’m pretty sure it’s gonna break. – Can I drop it will it be fine? Does it shatter like a normal smart phone? – [Man] Don’t drop it. – And then what happens if
you drop it on the ground and it breaks in half? Oh, now I’m like stressed out, maybe I should be touching this. – Oooh, look at that. – All right so I’m assuming
that this is all one screen and not just like a keypad? – [Man] So, it’s actually in retro mode. – Retro mode? – This is confusing to me emotionally. – There’s two cameras? – [Man] Yeah. – So then you can do, like, selfies plus also out there. Oh, that’s weird. – No, I did something else. I’m taking a selfie, oh my god, I feel like a grandma, I took a selfie. I can’t stop taking selfies! It’s time for me to stop taking selfies on someone else’s phone. – One more time, one more time.

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  1. this video is proof that humanity is becoming stupider and more unlikable. Where did they find those people? Just the worst

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