ThinkPad T440, T440s, T450, T450s – Wireless LAN Card Replacement

Disconnect the AC Adapter from the computer. Power on the system and continuously tap F1 to enter the BIOS. If you receive a general help window, press enter to continue. Use the right arrow key to select the configuration menu. Use the down arrow key to highlight power menu, and press enter. The power sub menu will be displayed. Use the down arrow keys to highlight the disable built in battery option, and press enter. Assure that yes is highlighted and press enter again to power off the system. Allow your system three to five minutes to cool before you open up the cover. Place the unit upside down. Slide the External Battery lock to the unlocked position. Slide and hold the External Battery release latch to the open position. Slide the External Battery out of the chassis. Turn the system over. Insert a straightened paper clip into the release hole of the SIM card tray. Pull the tray from the slot and leave it out until servicing is complete. Place the unit upside down. Loosen the eight captive screws that secure the base cover. Use a plastic pry tool to disconnect the clips along the rear of the cover. Then continue prying along the edges. Warning: make sure not to damage any ports or boards. Lift the front of the base cover to pivot it free of the securing clips. Disconnect the power cable from the system board. Disconnect the two antenna cables. Remove the single retaining screw to raise the card. Pull the wireless LAN card from the connection. Insert the wireless LAN card into the connection. Install the single retaining screw. Connect the grey antenna cable to the jack labeled Main. Connect the black antenna cable to the jack labeled Auxiliary. Connect the power cable to the system board. Align the base cover with the ports of the system. Press along the edges to secure the locking clips. Make sure the cover is seated correctly. Tighten eight captive screws. Turn the system over. Insert the tray into the slot until it clicks into place. Place the unit upside down. Align the External Battery with the battery bay. Slide it into position until it latches. Connect the AC adapter to the system. Turn on the computer to automatically enable the internal battery.

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  1. Hi out there, thanks in advance for your excellent videos, but can you please make another one where you show us how to replace the cooling fan (thermotube included) system, i've got a lenovo t450s-20bw and i've got big noises coming out from the fan, i've succeeded to open it and realized that the propeller was a little bit damaged and not spinning correctly thus explains the noise when the processor is heated (i bought my laptop as a second hand one) so i am not the first user … i ordered a new original cooling fan system from singapore and my question will i be forced to apply some "pastry" underneath the piece with the 4 screws ? big fan from casablanca morocco of lenovo laptops 🙂

  2. I just successfully pulled off this video, but there was one difference: the grey cable, rather than being connected to the "Main" port on this card, was connected to the Sierra mobile card to its left. Is it normal that the cellular LAN card would be designated as main, rather than the wireless LAN, and does this remove any functionality from the regular wireless LAN card? My user is experiencing an issue where only the very closest networks show on the list of available networks, and switching out the card doesn't seem to have fixed the issue.

  3. I've got the i5 t440 and want to add an external gpu. will this be a viable port for a stable connection between the two devices or is there a better way to connect?

  4. Hello sir I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T550 and the wifi network card causes the download to just drop to zero kbps for a few second every minute or so , that never happens on my other laptop the T560 , so I want to change the original t550 ac7265 wifi network adapter( I guess upgrade to a newer model if possible) with a 8265 one(t570 one) or maybe at least 8260(t560 one) , would that be possible ?

  5. Thank you for the video.

    I have Lenovo T440s with i5 4300u.

    Can we replace the ericson wcdma card remove to m2 ssd?
    And what size for the m2 ssd?

  6. The Bluetooth connection on my T450s is very bad, any devices connecting to it, especially sound, it interrupts and gets disconnected. I opened the laptop and I find the wireless/BT card inside, next to it is a blue wire that is not connected, only the gray and back one as you shown in the video. 1. What is that blue (not connected) wire for? 2. Can I get a better BT experience if I replace the somewhat defected wifi/bt card? 3. What would you advise for the replacement card? Thank you for the answers!

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