Time to Pay the Mummy I Teen Titans Go I Cartoon Network

This pyramid scheme
is going to leave
you broke, Titans. Us, big money
cowboy millionaires? Broke? (LAUGHS HEARTILY) (GRUNTING) Get that cash out
of your mouth! Give me that! Hurry. No, no, no, no,
don’t eat that five! (GAGGING) (GAGGING) Hey, I was still working
on that! Sorry, ma’am. The boss wants
his cut of the money, or we’ll be six feet under. (GASPING) See, only the person
at the top of the pyramid
gets any money. ALL: Whoa! Oh, it’s the boss! ALL: Whoa. (WHIRRING) Mummy money. Is that a mummy? Of course it is. And you’re not surprised? Not particularly. You’re not wondering
where the mummy came from? It came from the pyramid,
where else is he supposed
to come from? -Mummy money.
-(TITANS YELPING) Uh, here you go, Mummy. (FART NOISE) (GROWLING) Mummy money! But…
But, there isn’t anymore! We ate the rest. (GROWLING) Mummy money! (GULPING)

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