Time Waster Video – What’s Inside A DSL Modem – Router

Hello and welcome to my time waster video. Today I will be taking apart an AT&T 2wire DSL modem with wireless and a router built-in.
And I have no rhyme or reason, just that it’s retired now and I’m gonna see what’s inside it. First thing, gonna get the face off ahh, a crack in the defenses. there we go and she’s loose, backplate That’s it, that’s all there is to it.
Don’t know what I was expecting but, that’s what’s inside there. Okay well now it’s completely apart,
got the circuit board out of there. and I don’t know what you could do with this I guess you could make this a little stash box, hiding place, but I won’t be doing that. Hope you enjoyed wasting your time
as much as I did wasting mine. Thanks for watching :S

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