Treadstone (USA Network) “Dossier” Trailer HD – Jason Bourne spinoff – Han Hyo-joo

They’re a cadre of sleeper agents deployed under normal cover lives with no memory of their training. I figured they would send you Are you sleeping are you sleeping? Please don’t make me do this These are people who signed up to become the ultimate weapon in the fight against America’s enemies I’d been brainwashed to kill targets with no remorse I killed them all What have you done to me, I’m not myself anymore Are you sleeping are you sleeping? What did you just They’re a cadre of sleeper agents deployed under normal cover lives with no memory of their training Like something just took over. It’s like I was someone else. What did you people do to me? Turn me into a monster?

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  1. Any Americans and the western world out here must read these.

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    If you happen to know about US CIA-JESUIT through American investors funding Rappler internet news media.
    The founders of the Rappler are all former executives based in CNN Asia.

    Maria Ressa has been invited by the western media to talk about media rights and journalism in the Philippines under the Duterte government, of course she has to talk about lies and propaganda against the elected President Duterte of the Philippines.

    When Maria Ressa's Filipino citizenship is questionable.

    Since the CIA has been establishing and funding media outlets and social networks to spread lies and wrong informations against the President Duterte of the Philippines, it seems very ineffective to the growing popularity of the hard-working President Duterte of the Philippines.

    The survey speaks for it self.

    The President Duterte's approval is at 91%.
    Crime rates decline all the way down to 54%.
    Build build build projects of President Duterte is paying off.
    The independent foreign policy.
    The thousands NPA-CPP-NDF surrenderers under his leadership.

  2. they activate on Are You Sleeping? lol that's bad enough. I guess I'll check it out for the Korean woman and Will from Sens8. Should've scrapped the other white guy.

  3. USA Network? I'm surprised there wasn't a commercial in the middle of this minute and thirty second video.

    I quit cable because of Networks like USA.

  4. Is nobody worried that everybody seems too be at odds with the program. It was only really Bourne in the films, Clive Owens character was maybe a lucid and Jeremy Renner ofcourse But that's 3 characters across 5 films. And everybody in this trailer seemed too be having sides already.

  5. When I first saw the female agent… Holy shit, its another female emancipation move
    Then the rest of it, thank goodness, there's gon b both male and female main stars 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Great show 👍🏾 👍🏾 👍🏾 👍🏾

  6. It's a no.
    The Greengrass camera movement is not there.
    Who's mind am I into? Who's problem am I feeling?
    Deliver the message thru that and it'll be sold.

  7. I’m looking forward to this however technically Bourne was the only one with amnesia due to him being shot. Plus tread stone was deactivated and black briar was the most recent project…

  8. I thought all the treadstone agents got killed? Should this not be one of the other programs? Maybe I’m misremembering.

  9. They couldn't PAY for better looking females Korean/African but THOSE?!!
    Especially the Police African woman…irritating face!
    Awful and ugly to look at, don't mention THEY can't ACT well, Doesn't Fit them at all.

  10. When Jason Bourne was about super soldier or super human strength 😂. The universe of Jason Bourne was about soldiers being brainwashed and trained into assassins

  11. i swear This show deserves much better credit and way more views .
    i don't care what other people say It's way better than that fake ass BAT-WOMAN crap
    go watch it folks i promise y'all will be disappointed.

  12. One of recent quality TV dramas. One critique is those separate scenes from Korea, India, Russia or Paris seem all independent to each other n not blending as a whole or u get lost whats about

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