Trip精必需 ! 全球數據WIFI蛋 POKEFI SmartGo

I take less video in Jul Aug It is becuase too hot outside and no mood Today I got this Pocket Wifi Here it is Can you see 4G LTE Pocket Wifi It is very common and why I need to review here Becuase it inside included a Virtual SimCard This Virtual SimCard let you to connect Internet for over 60s world country How its great? Let me open and show you Ummm the size is same as a 3000mAh portable charger it’s thin let see can you see that back cover wrote “PokeFi” only one mirco USB port for charge and one button on it and this LED, no other indicator you can open the back cover here to open the back you can find the battery Ummm I hope I can have a spare It is 3,850 mAh it should be enough for one day I can tell you later put back the battery OK you need to read this otherwise you no idea to use it’s on wait around 2 minutes from RED to Green From the package can find the… SSID and password after connect the SSID WIFI, then go to “a.pokefi” to access PokeFi setting page OK…. Now… Its turn to GREEN Let start from my mobile search PokeFi SSID Got it you can see a “PWF” PWF1390182 is here enter the pin and connected to PokeFi user manual ask you to go webpage a.pokefi why its not work http its stupid to type http://a.pokefi success to login I choose English you now can see that I used…. 0.33MB and… 5,119.67MB Left I purchased this product with a discount at HKD$790 this price included 5GB data usage its included 5GB for worldwide use this 5GB data expire date is … let me check the date register and login to see this 5GB data is available till 25 Jul 2027 basically… 10 years you must use it up in 10 years If you used up the data how to re-charge it? there are several options HKD 48 for 1 day HKD 48 for 1GB HKD 120 for 5GB HKD 120 for 5 Days just choose the right one for you in my experience when I go to Japan only need 2GB You may ask this question why I need HKD 700 to buy a Pokefi why not buy a traveller Simcard the reason is… if you need business travel frequency your boss just notice you one day advance go to China, Macau, Taiwan you are no time to buy SIM CARD if you have this, just take it to plane and able to online once landing for setting you don’t need just turn it on it will search the signal and location if you in Taiwan, it will connect to FETnet If you in Japan, it will connect to Docomo or Softbank if you in malaysia it will auto search the partner network its simple compare to compare to Traveller SIM CARD price SIMCARD is cheaper SIMCARD is cost saver but you need to go buy and you need to change the simcard once you landed it is not good advantage of Pokefi you can use back your home simcard mobile number for roaming call from your friend second, Pokefi able to share share to your friend so whats the disadvantage its need charge its need power you need a charger and cable and…. if you mobile connected to WIFI mobile will start the auto backup or auto update if you using Google Photo the new photo will auto backup under Wifi connection it will drain off your 5GB data If I go for travel next time I will take this and test the speed If you have any question just ask in the comment area please remember to subscribe my channel just finish here Bye Bye

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  1. Have you tried other similar devices like Glocal Me and Skyroam mobile? Would you recommend this device over others?

  2. Hi , would mind to advise where can I buy this pokefi  device at the price you have purchase HKD 790 ?Any idea how much will  price at HK Airport  Electronics Shop be . Your video is very clear and easy to understand . Cheers

  3. Be careful when using, I am currently in Toronto. Customer service after 2 days is limited and i cannot get any answers to solve my issue. Cannot speak to technical or supervisors. Stock answers. The new device takes forever to connect if can connect. Be CAREFUL. Might work in other places, but Canada not useable. Being stationary in one place takes an average of 10-20 mins to connect with the phone showing full bars. If in a car or just landing in the airport, forget it, impossible to connect.

  4. Hello Stanley, thanks for the informative video about Pokefi. Since this video is 2 years old, I wonder if you still recommend this pokefi, or you have another product that is better now in 2019?

  5. Shoppers can buy Smartgo Pokefi at (free collection at Wanchai HK or Bangsar KL) and we deliver worldwide

    Quote this video after you order for us to give you extra BONUS of Remax data charging cable & US$5 shopping voucher from

    Great review Stanley

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