Tyler School of Art Creates Giant Mobile Camera

– What’s behind me is a Mobile Camera Obscura. It’s basically a giant box with holes in it
or a whole in it if you want. Where you can see an image from the scene
that’s outside of the camera. So it’s meant to either go in and experience
the image as it’s projected on the wall or you can actually use it to make photographs. – From the beginning it was conceived as a collaborative effort between photography and architecture. And so one of the first things we did was
after we solicited some interested students, we got them all in a room together and we
sat there for a couple of hours and talked about a wishlist of what the photography students
wanted. Laurie and her photography students, they
wanted to be able to move it around campus. And they had to be able to do it on a budget,
in a pretty short period of time. So I’m really proud of what they able to work
out. – You walk inside. You shut the door. You decide what you want to do. And then you slide it over to a larger pinhole. See the projection, decide what it is that
you want to make a photograph of. Slide it back over so it’s completely dark
in there again. Take a piece of film that we will provide
for you. Tack it up on the wall. Open it up again and it in there while your
exposure happens. It’s really meant to be more than just an
image maker. It’s meant to be an experience for people. And it’s meant to sort of get people to think
a little bit about the history of how we actually use these things today, where they came from. – I wanted to before I finished school, be
a part of something that was larger than something that I was just working on personally. And I think this is like a great opportunity
because not only did I get to make decisions that actually impacted the outcome, but I
got to work really closely with a professor who knows a lot about this subject And so
I learned a lot about the process of organizing something that will eventually be a collaboration
between us and the public.

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