UC Davis GSM Industry Immersions – Tech CFOs of the Future

[David Cole]: When I learned about the course I thought it was very interesting the way it brings together real life experiences with the academic learning at the school. [Music] In today’s world, especially in the technology industry things are moving very, very quickly. And I think it’s really important people get as much grounding; the expectations now for students coming out of the school is very, very high. So the more they can get experience with real life examples, I think it’s going help them do better when they graduate. If I were hiring a student and I could see that they had this kind of experience in their resume and talked to them about that, it would definitely make them more interesting as a candidate to me as someone looking to hire. [Brian Moriarty]: I’m a graduate of UC Davis, I graduated in 1985 and what I find is I love to be able to talk about subjects that I’m passionate about. The best thing about being a CFO from my perspective is you get to see so many different things and then also, you’re helping to develop the strategy of the company that you’re with and you have a seat at the table where the big decisions are made. Good management is so hard to develop, it’s so hard to retain. By helping people graduate, from a program like this you’re really setting them up for success in terms of having the academic experience and that couples with the real world experience they can get through immersion classes like that. [Music]

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