Unboxing: Galaxy SIII (T-Mobile)

hey guys so it's a bit early in the morning you know him but today we got an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy s3 so uh let's get into it okay so right here we have the samsung galaxy s3 now this is the marble white version which is why we have a white box so in the front we got some Samsung Galaxy s3 branding on the bottom we just got some barcodes which I can't really show you because it has my I'm a and whatnot let me see we have nothing here nothing here cuz this just slides out of the tab on the back we got some basic spec information so you got Samsung logo galaxy s3 logo t-mobile logo 16 gigabyte variant and some specs which shouldn't matter too much to the average consumer so you know I'll dive into that a bit and explain it a bit while we you know take a look at the device so alright let's get to this unboxing so the box itself is while cardboard so there are two seal seal it's sticker tabs but I already have this cut off and right here normally you get the device with well a screen protector and well not a screen protector but some plastic coverings you know it's a protective device well it's in the box so I'm just gonna put the suicide right now and what I just dropped was a micro SIM which should be including box if you're buying it off contract or something basically when you get the phone which they do use to activate and put in your well they put it into your phone now if you already have a priest in that is you know already compatible with a mobile network from before you want to get the sim cutter maybe or something like that just to make it compatible so over here we got some cardboard put that to the side without dropping too many things got tab over here we lift up over here we got what looks like a Start Guide God's ps3 start guide manual been for the may see on this elude in seguridad de llegar Anthea alright I don't know if I read that pretty good but whatever put that to the side you know because most of us aren't actually gonna read that just feel that well here's a limited warranty 13 OC condiciones política de devolution got an ele me Dada da yeah put that to the side we got our hands that recycling info so yeah when you have an old device you know old smartphone you don't have use for or this is replacing you get to basically recycle that unless you're gonna sell someone but basically if you're not gonna use anymore and if you intended to throw in trash you get to recycle it so over here in box let me just move some things inside we got a white headset feels pretty nice actually has some good texture to it but I'm not gonna take these out right now you know just put the two side we got a Samsung om like data micro USB sync cable over here some well replaceable earbuds 4-year headphones so you know if your ears don't fit and whatnot and last but not least we got the wall charger wall plug and that's about it in box so let's boot up the phone and check it out let me just put everything no not by everything that I said and problems on play with these a little bit more after so I'll just stick the manuals inside covered box in micro sim and I'll get the phone booting up while I put everything away one two three there's the vibration so it should be noted that well this version of the galaxy s3 the US variants run on the Snapdragon s4 dual-core processor this is caught that one point five units I believe now this is definitely different from the Exynos the quad core Exynos that comes in on the European / the international models so there's that but to make up or to compensate burn we are getting well 4G speeds that is higher data speeds than the European carriers because they kept out 21 megabytes per second what's the ACO chipset while in America we get um well 42 megabits per second HSPA+ on the t-mobile variant and well if not that we get LTE depending if you have coverage in your area of course depending on your network of course – oh if I didn't mention – also come saying we also get a hefty two key bytes around so this isn't necessarily the most fresh box roms out of the box experiences you're gonna get how are you played with this a bit and I have a few things connected so you're gonna know it's really connected to Wi-Fi in a bit and out of the box I got it with about 16 percent battery so that's pretty good and decent let me just turn down the display it's a bit too bright right now much better alright okay so let's check out the you know physical exterior of the device first we got on the front a physical home key now that is surrounded by a Menu key and a back button Samsung decide not to use a multitasking key which is kind of weird considering that's the ICS layout and instead of the Menu key we're supposed to have a dedicated action bar when needed we have Samsung logo we got a earpiece of our ambient light sensor and LED light notification light over here two megapixel front-facing camera or rather a 1.9 megapixel whatever you want to say a 1280 by 720 HD resolution Super AMOLED display now this isn't exactly the same as the Galaxy Nexus is display it's slightly improved and it doesn't look like it shows off any blue whites or yellow it actually looks very nice so on the left side we got a volume rocker the surrounded by a strip of plastic that looks like full metal but you know I have a way it feels nice in the hand we got a power sleep button on the back we got our a megapixel rear facing camera which is an F 2.6 aperture our speaker grille and in LED flash on the bottom we have a microphone pin home a micro USB and MHL port so if you have a samsung official MHL adapter you can actually use it to output to your HDTV but only hopefully samsung one because it got altered for some reason we have a three-and-a-half millimeter jack a pride point for the back the backplate of the battery door we got a qualcomm 4G logo which is upside down a noise reduction microphone and that's about it for well the specs of device so let's get into the battery a bit so don't do what I just did and try to pry it from the bottom so to note this is made of polycarbonate which is technically a type of plastic but it's a much more rigid plastic and it's all the way through but it has a hyper glazed finish so it's more glossy on the back now over here we got 2100 milliamp power battery microSD slot it does not include a micro SD card and over here we have a micro SIM slot so to get the battery cover back on just snap it in and you are good to go so let's check out the software advice so the home button well acts as a home button and like an older Android phone you hold it to access your multitasking from there you can access your task manager and whatnot oh and worth mention is we have two gigabytes of free well not free RAM but two gigabytes of RAM on this device now you never get the foley potential you know the amount of actually two gigs of RAM it'll be read as one point six two gigabytes but you know that's still way more than any other device on the market so of the box we get 400 megabytes if we clear off the memory and yeah so let's check this out now on I haven't really customized anything in the software right now so I'm just gonna turn down the brightness so I'll be right back alright so on the software front I haven't really changed anything there's quite a bit of bloatware here and and insane amount of widgets on the screen on boot-up I mean I did place this calendar one just to check it out which is actually quite nice and we got well some preset shortcuts here oh and before I forget let's explain the lockscreen you have an option to use a ripple effect to unlock with your face because it's Ice Cream Sandwich and you have some shortcuts that you can assign here you just swipe up from the shortcuts and launch your applications now the lockscreen is very customizable and I'll get into the software a bit more some other day so you go you know you guys subscribe to NIM plus one like this video if you want to see more alright guys thanks for watching this unboxing tune in for more Samsung Galaxy s3 coverage on the t-mobile variant coming in a few weeks alright thanks for watching guys thumbs up bye I forgot to mention um this footage was recorded on the front-facing camera of the Samsung Galaxy s3 Gotama still a bit sleepy well it's justice hello

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  1. Android is open-source, it's great if you're going to customize the phone (themes, rooting, etc) or create applications of your own. The only downside is the plastic build of the body which actually does bother some people. Apple is Apple, I'm sure we've all had an iPod or played with an iPhone in the past. It's the same UI but the build quality is higher. It's down to whether you want a new experience with Android or stay comfortable with Apple.
    Personally, I love my S3.

  2. Pricewise s3 is cheaper. S3 is more customizable and iPhone is more straightforward easier to use.

  3. the iPhone 5 is good in its ways and also the s3 is too if you like apple go with that if you like Android go with that. Android is for the tech people and iPhone is for the basic people that like it simple both devices are good just go with what feels better.

  4. How is the service from t mobile ?i want to switch from sprint to t mobile and the coverage ? I live in north hollywood thanks

  5. true true, ugh i guess ima just get the galaxy s 3 or ima wait to see if the HTC One X+ has expandable sd storage and ill get that

  6. Yeah I can never make it the full 2 years smdh lol but now that I have the Galaxy Nexus I think I will be content being that it gets the firmware updates first.

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