Universal Type S Smartphone / Tablet Car Mount Holder by RedShield

Hi Geeks, Hot Pink Geek here! What I have
in front of me is this Type S Smartphone holder and you might be thinking what does a Smartphone holder
in this little box? Well yes there is. So you open it up as you can see there is two simple pieces
in here and that it’s super easy to put together you literally just click it in and you have a Smartphone holder.
There is an adhesive bottom that you peel back and then it will stick. One to the lever and then it is
all in there good. What is cool about this is not only can hold Smartphone but it can also hold a tablet up
to 7.5 inches. So wherever you go you’re able to watch on handsfree. It’s a high quality windshield
and or dashboard mount. So it’s also rotates whichever way you wanted to 60 degrees of multiangle rotation
so any view on angle is your viewing angle. The sunction cap is super strong so it securely attaches
to any smooth flat surface and it’s super easy to use and go handsfree don’t get that speeding ticket
while on the phone. This is from AccessoryGeeks.com where there always free shipping. Check out the
links below, don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget that you got it from a Geek!

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