Unknown Wonders | Presented by Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE Modems

In the past ten years, phones have changed
from things we use to talk to people into devices that connect us to almost anything
on earth, and it’s all powered by a chip the size of your pinky nail. We’re living inside
an amazing future. It’s almost unimaginable, when you really break down
the technological advances that we’re living through today, how quickly it’s happening. There’s this sense of serendipitous discovery when you can literally see where someone is and
you can look at their experience. We’re on a new wave, it’s not about just our
personal networks and the space around us, but it’s about how those networks work together
to create a better world for everyone. To have access to a global community of people
helps others create more, go further, and be more than they ever could be. As modems get faster and the tech we use gets more autonomous, it’ll make our lives simpler
and allow us to focus on what we want to do, like having adventures, instead of what we
have to do, like going to the dry cleaners. When things just work, without people having
to actually take actions to make those things work, that’s where we’re getting very close
to and I think that industry leaders like Qualcomm Snapdragon are essentially enabling
that through hardware that’s in devices that people don’t even know is there. The more that technology creates this foundation of living, the more we can introspectively
understand our own creativity and our own existence, and understand where we fit within the universe.

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