3 Replies to “Unlocked CDMA Android Phones Compatible with Verizon and Sprint 2019 Edition

  1. This video was trash. Don't waste your time like I had to just to find out you've done more research then this guy yourself. Personally I feel like this guy doesn't know much at all outside of his Verizon V40 so it bums me out that he probably gets paid and gets free phones to test from his channel.

  2. If I'm trying to upgrade my phone that I already have with Sprint, can I just buy a OnePlus 6T and put my SIM into the new phone and it just work? Cause it looks like Sprint is not allowing people to activate the OP6T directly. But if my SIM is already activated would it work???

  3. The mic sounds a bit different from normal, I used the V-Moda Boom Mic Pro attached to my Culture V1 Wireless Headset to record the audio. I also used Cyberlink Screen Recorder to capture my browser footage hence the 1080p resolution.

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