Hi guys, we have a new PUBG update and the first thing is the Pass, which we will see later New 4vs4 Mayan city type map, in ancient Mexico, looks nice OMG! we have the MP5K and the Zima, I’m surprised because I didn’t know what they were going to put in this update REALLY? Pets are to steal our money haha New female character, I hope it’s better than Victor’s Bald And the reward of the update Now here we are Welcome to a new video on my channel Hi guys ^³^ And we already know or saw what Daddy PUBG added, we see if I add something else It seems that I don’t add anything else, just the missions in the new 4vs4 This is the reward, do not run out of money to give us something impossible to obtain thanks Tencet Everything remains the same, until the maps interface The new map looks promising, then I’ll try it off camera And there is no pochinki 2.0 yet Before testing the MP5K, let’s see if they changed anything in the weapons It seems that everything is normal, and I don’t know if in the PC version the M16A4 has a cula There is not much change in recoil, but hey The WIN94 without looking yet, but will soon be added And the Micro Uzi, without looking and should already be in the previous version, and has not put it And here we have the MP5K With view availability x6, the three mouths, with extended and fast loaders, handle and cylinder head and we have the UMP :’v F And the rest remains the same Apparently there is nothing new, so let’s start And charging, the new mode still doesn’t convince me, apart I need my squad :’v #Recording_at_work And ready I hear it similar to Skorpion Let’s compare the sound of the shot 🙂 Apparently not, but if I assimilate it with another weapon Let’s inject ourselves, to go faster Look i’m Flash Equip the weapon to the fullest and test it with reduced vision x6 I’m not good at controlling the recoil and it shows That doesn’t go there Let’s try the silencer, to see how it pulls Oh man, I did not like as I say, I prefer to cause harm, than to be heard There are weapons that do not go with the silencer, it is a good weapon, you have to try it in the BR Let’s see the car, I hope and if they put it in training Yes, yeih! It seems to be a skin, the car is great *piu piu piu piu piu piu piu* It seems to go faster than the buggy Ok time to go Well guys, we’re back and as you see, the new battle pass is out let’s see it 7u7 Women’s clothes very, teach everything, with respect I didn’t like the QBZ, but if it’s okay if you don’t have the skin of this weapon, it’s also very striking Cap for the poor and one for the rich Motorcycle skin, something is missing A pomegranate, very good, the skin is not visible, but it’s fine MVP video I prefer the red UAZ that I have, but not bad My God, the plane is even missing, but what about Pubg? The emoticon is crap These clothes took the whole pass, it’s very good, the only thing I liked Ok, it’s a skin that is also in the PC version I prefer the one I took out in the boxes Mafia costume Its Lolo’s guitar Wow, the helmet is great, another passable object of the pass I think there is better AKM SKINS This pass is not very good, I did not like it, if they are going to buy it cheap The news hahaha Here is the whole pass, as I say I did not like The helmet is great Great a soccer helmet, is it really? What I saw new is the movement of the fingers, let’s see the heart Hahaha remains the same This if I’m going to buy it, it looks a bit like the RP suit
And he took advantage of the achievement of gunskins With 100 Mexican pesos, (5 dlls) unlock everything Because you have to buy a quantity of UC to unlock it And there is no money in the Play Store The “end” date is weird I say I really liked this skin, I would buy it but I don’t have time to do the missions And I will only have the clothes of the poor, and it is not good that we say Maybe other pants would look good And the rewards of the season are missing This suit looks good, and I didn’t like the M249 so much and I don’t get to AS so let’s not talk about it haha And that was about the update See you in the next video Subscribe and like Until next time Kisses

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