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ever function I think it's time they think the plunge I gotcha so you're thinking about one for yourself now is the iPad the only thing you're considering you're looking at any other options that's all I was here looking at today I think that's what I think that I've used tens before and I know that there's – max would like to download for kids well if you've got some time here's what I'd love to do for you because there's a lot of different nuances with it it might might appeal to you so more I know about you the better solution that I can give you for that and we can kind of take a look and say Leah would that be okay so you mentioned a husband okay you mentioned I think kids so it talk to me what's the typical day look like for you oh I get the kids right in the morning and I leave for work we have two days with them and look smaller they stay at home then I work in sales so I'm on the road all day that's gonna ask you travel a lot myself yeah I go place to place I'd like a 200-mile radius I have to travel sometimes outside of that but never more than like four hours overnight trips sometimes sure and then come home and we don't do a ton right today because they're still pretty little but so we don't have you know dance practice turning like that if that's coming you know but I have I'm going to recital one night so I know just yeah um my husband does a lot of he golf's a lot he he his actual job is in sales as well but he travels a lot of around so how is he using his iPad right he uses it for work um he does spreadsheets yeah it's it's mostly all work acts on his there's nothing that there's I'm Facebook or anything fun like that so his is based logistic tool for work that uses so that's you know that I've had that we're looking to buy would also be for him okay so you guys are kind of shared more personal maybe more for the family okay is there anything you've seen on his that you like that you would want for yours I like some of the apps that you can use were in there with the TV nor sister bought us an Apple TV and we have one in our house but so we use it but we don't have obviously I've had my daughter has an iPod okay that she is just basically for games and we both stopped doing – and that for her but that's all right so person with the copies of interest what are some things that you like to do outside of and you're not selling Elmarie um I like to go to different farmers markets I like different things like that we like to cook a lot we like to travel on the weekends we'll go to different places we live our each his family looks like about eight hours away so sometimes we'll stop in the middle in Baltimore like to go to New York City that's good New York City I was having less and less my clothes oh absolutely I like to shop and I could go on a couple of so how do you connect like your husband how is he connecting his his is activated through iTunes so it's like where's the credit card yeah okay this is that workout porn yeah because it's just it bills to his work credit card every month and so that's how he yeah there's some advantages to that but I'm going to give you some things to think about there how you connecting it we have time warner terrible sorry with me cetera more similar challenges this year Hubbell the other day I was trying to download I missed how much mother I forgot to DVR interrupt they didn't have a mark Disney which always had the multi mourner and so I had to download it from iTunes onto my daughter's iPod yeah and um it times out like eight times and so and I used in action diffusing my phone I have this awesome Verizon 4G can I ask you I used my hotspot here is able to download a lot faster yeah how long have you had your phone is it the other one um I have an iPhone 5 so it's pretty new ok so you got a new phone a and that's going to be a great with this thing well this is here this is the iPad you won the larger version or the smaller I believe probably like the larger so let me give you some information based on some of anybody told me so so you obviously you travel a lot around 200 miles so you're out of out on the road launch you spend some nights over over there you your husband using this Manning for work which you want to kind of do some more personal stuff and I can show you some neat things you do there obviously young kids there's some really neat things for the kids to is they get a little bit older particularly when you're traveling with them some of the things you'll be able to give him on your iPad as a distraction tool so we'll talk about some of that I miss anything is there anything else that I need to know all right so let me take with the iPads they are at their most powerful when they're connected okay so when you're out and about obviously the greatest thing about the tablet it's portable all right so obviously you can play with it around the house and whenever you're around the house you can connect it to your Wi-Fi and that's a good thing as it helps offset some of the data so you can use it there but then when you go out into the world you press the button and you're moving on so many different things okay so connectivity is going to be really important to you to make that thing work so when you're using it for work spreadsheets you're doing with that kind of thing as well press this button here you can see you've got a full access to email so you can see all those things there you can download clients a lot of them for free but I can show you some software that you can use on here that will help you with your spreadsheets and things like that now here's a really neat thing so when you're on the road and you've got young kids it's not being away from you guys ever do any face communication for the holidays we try it one time yeah with my mom I've had to make it so easy in the space/time you click on that there you can easily connect to being able to see and communicate with them now if you're going to be communicating with folks with the face-to-face technology it needs to be fast right because you don't want to be herky-jerky and all those things so one of the great things that we can do with this we've got a great some great pricing on the iPad anyway but I let you know that it's hundred dollars off right now when you connect it have you ever seen a jet pack I know so it's this device here this thing here is one of the most amazing things that you got a you carry around your own portable hotspot you are your own so when you're traveling out there in the world and you turn that thing on thirty feet around you is a hotspot connected to the verizon network and you said you're already on Verizon right right you pretty much get coverage everywhere you go you're pretty pleased with what you're getting coverage one oh yeah same thing with jet pack and it also Verizon is deployed a technology called LTE have you seen some of the commercials yeah so what all that means to you and I know it's all fancy stuff but all it means is fast internet they have they have built the fastest network and it's ten times fashion than what's out there in fact it's faster than that Roadrunner that you don't like it so you're able to take that everywhere you go so not only is it fast and when you're doing some of those FaceTime conversations that's good but the other element is it's secure you ever used a private hotspot ah less like a McDonald's or what's terrible well in these probably yeah it's terrible well the other side of it is when you're connected to a public hotspot it's public people who know what they're doing can access your device and do all kinds of crazy things so the great thing about having your own portable hotspot is that you can actually secure your network and you lid on who you want to let on you know how many people you can let on to it people so when your travel with your husband you mentioned the dollar had an iPod she connected it's a picture that you guys driving down the road going on vacations and they like to go the beach so you're taking the family down to the beach you guys have this hot spot going everybody's doing what they need to do no mom are with area so how does that sound to you that's a good idea so that's what I'm thinking so I mean not only would I recommend the iPad and we've got a couple colors we'll work all this things out too but actually let's knock a hundred extra bucks off the price of that and we'll get you this jet pack to go along how is it different than just using the hotspot my phone that's a great question you know you can do that so you can probably share everything customer you know Verizon is the only company that gives you the hotspot for free so here's the thing that is great when you happen to be out you didn't bring your jet pack with you because you are able to connect but what else is your phone doing other than being caused by calling texting tweeting that's right and you have a battery in here when you start doing all of those things on that it will put serious strain on it so if you use that as your primary device for that it's going to really work on that so it's so much nicer to have it separate so you don't have to worry about it wearing down on your battery also the scenario is when you're not in 4G if you want to make a phone call and do an hotspot that interrupts the whole thing Wow you're not able to call talk and do the hotspot the same time so you know again when when you have those rare occasions when your don't have your hotspot with you you need to do it beautiful it's a perfect setup for but for all the things that you've described that you're doing particularly when you bring work into it I would highly recommend separate device but here's the great thing so you know if there's an additional Cleveland how much do you think it would be a month to add that to your share everything quiet through your download now it used to be 50 bucks a month on Alex $20 and you share that data for the jet pack now let me show you something else that might interest you too with your iPad we've got an embedded version which means this little jet pack piece is built right into it okay those iPads a little more expensive but the neat thing about it is it only costs $10 a month to have this thing connected to your share meaning that's it and you can use that as on you have your own separate tool so the advantage might be you wouldn't have to carry around that jetpack elite and it still would connect up to 10 devices that this would that be a better way to do that for you get it back if you can we make my battery oh okay well I mean and then you're working the same thing at the phone the jetpack still may be a better solution yep now the jetpack is 20 bucks a month I'll have for that there but again so much less than it was Oh does that look like good solution boy Chris take you over here and get your rolling okay thank you all right

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  1. Goodness gracious a whole 2 hours conversation to sell a phone…. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ hopefully she gets a HUM, 2 tablets, and 4 phones because thats a long convo for just a phone. 😬

  2. What is this a speed date? You probed enough she already told you she wanted an iPad from the get go just ask questions that pertain to whether or not the iPad would benefit her why all the questions about her husband and their daily lives? Now are you an Aquarius?

  3. I would hope he got the Job sounds like a very good salesmen he either has experience or is just a natural !

  4. Great video! I would've like to have seen how the initial greeting went. I'm transferring from a Vzw call center to the retail side of the company, this would make a great training model

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