Verizon's Anti-Piracy Plan!

Internet pirates beware he will receive no safe harbor and a shower of horizon remember back in 2011 when the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America teamed up with the big five US Internet providers to launch the Center for copyright information and remember how those groups said they were working on a way for alleged copyright infringers to receive warnings and repercussions from their Internet service providers well Verizon is going to be the first company to roll out their anti-piracy system in a couple of weeks and an alleged list of what copyright infringing pirates can expect as punishment has been posted on TorrentFreak if you're caught sharing copyrighted materials once or twice Verizon will send you an email and voicemail notifying you that one or more copyright owners have reported your account and possible copyright infringement activities with further information on legal file-sharing and how to remove illegal content from your computer if you get a third and fourth warning your browser will be redirected to a page where you have to actually acknowledge you've received alerts about piracy and then forced to watch an informational video hopefully it's as helpful as this one did I did I hit you BAM that you're gonna make a copy of a day without but if the previous warnings in video did nothing to stop your pirating your fifth and sixth violations will then be moved to a mitigation phase where you can either ask for a review from the American Arbitration Association or have your internet speeds reduce down to 256 kilobits per second for two or three days just like dial-up it is important to remember that webpages may take a long time to appear on the screen if more infringement happen after the sixth alert nothing more will happen and you can resume pirating at full speed but the MPAA and the RIAA can still obtain the IP addresses of repeat offenders in order to take legal action and while ISPs will not voluntarily share the names and addresses associated with them all it takes is a subpoena to demand it even scarier is Verizon's plan to also apply it to business customers so i pathetically if a pirate were to set up shop and say Starbucks for some free Wi-Fi during their period of reduced speeds a box in return could get slapped with the same warnings and penalties the pirate already received at home which can be bad news for 90% of the chairs at Starbucks currently occupied by people too cheap to set up an actual office I mean come on guys some people need those chairs so they can break up with their girlfriend in the public place so she doesn't make a scene I think we should break up what oh do you think Verizon's plan will have any effect on piracy or will people just ignore the warnings and continue about their business let us know in the comments below and for more daily tech news and reviews subscribe to our channel here on YouTube for tfn I'm Scott Bromley saying I'm off to go pirate more internet booty tire

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  1. My verizon was suspended today. I called and was told to go to watch a video and then my service would be restored. After the video was was able to access the alleged content violation.  I had 4 notices aka STRIKES…all for the same exact media. I downloaded a episode of Revolution last year that I missed and that had been taken off "on demand" on fios.  Its the only media I have ever downloaded so how exactly is it active and able to be identified as pirated IDK.  By the way Revolution is on NBC…free TV.

    These are the dates of the 4 notices…all separate violations..all the same episode
    10/23/13  MPAA   Revolution  
    05/27/14 MPAA  Revolution
    05/30/14 MPAA  Revolution
    06/03/14 MPAA Revolution

    I should add I never received any correspondence …just a suspended account.

    Any suggestions on how to protect my system and ip?
    Also my computer crashed yesterday…went to a blue screen…buzzed and shut down…right about the same time the last notification was filed with verizon @3:54 pm

  2. It is SO EASY to get around ! LOL
    Run utorrent force the encryption,use peerblock, and a VPN !
    No Starbucks is safe to do all your downloading at.

  3. In Australia they mail out giant poisonous spiders and snakes so 1 or 2 days of 256 is nothing more than a weak slap

  4. Verizon is the same company that said my phone number had been sidned up for some stupid text allert that cost me $9.99. I did not sign up for the text messages and some obscure company billed me. The damn phone cost too much as it is so I call them about it. They can't reverse the transaction. I call the company that did the billing direct. They will send me a paper check. I look into it deeper and guess who owned the server for the biller? Best I can tell it is Verizon.

  5. I do believe that the true way to beat piracy is to go after UPLOADERS and people who host sites that have pirated content on them.

    If you can't illegally upload, you can't illegally download. Period.

  6. Im thinking that if a new games anti piracy measures are broken in a day. Then a bypass or hack against verizons system will be ready in a week. Or, Anonymous might get mad.

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