VHA Innovators Network

(dramatic orchestral music) – As health care continues
to evolve and advance at the pace at which it’s advancing, keeping up with emerging technologies, keeping up with disruptive
innovation, I’ll call it, is challenging. I think we have to
defer to the individuals on the front lines, to the surgeons, to the clerks who are scheduling people to see and recognize they’re
the ones best positioned to solve challenges because
they see them every single day. – So the Innovators
Network is needed, sort of, in the grand scheme to help people really build that energy and
enthusiasm and that grit. We embrace the wild ideas and the potentially unthinkable. – We very firmly believe
that the best solutions for veterans are going to
come from VHA employees who have the problems
in their face everyday. We also really tailor their
training and the programming to empower employees,
to give them new tools and build this little innovation army that then takes those tools back and keeps using them
throughout their career. – The role of an Innovation Specialist is to work with front line employees to identify, test, and potentially
spread innovative practices, products, and practices throughout the VA. What’s great about
Spark-Seed-Spread is that I find it’s a way to get your ideas heard, to test them, and to be a
part of the future of VA. – I think that the ones that
are the most interesting are the ones that seem
to be creating something from thin air. A nurse from Boston can just
see a problem and be like, I don’t have the right blood
pressure cuff for this veteran, doesn’t exist. And she’s like, I’m gonna make one. That’s what exactly what she did, and she created a prototype, and now she’s gonna test it. – The space that we play
in is not the same as meeting your performance metrics, and doing everything
better, faster, cheaper. We’re looking at building out and closing that possibility gap. – We define our success
in the number of lives saved and changed. Which means that if I have one innovation that solved a problem for one veteran, that one life changed is success. (melancholy piano music)

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