VIDAPAY Training: Marketplace RMA

Hey there VIDAPAY merchants. Today we’re gonna walk through how to return
a handset, on Now we hope you don’t need this feature. But in the event that you do, I’m gonna show
you step by step how to return a handset from the VIDAPAY marketplace, as well as the Branded Handset program. Let’s Take a look. You can access the Return Request portal from
several locations. The Branded Handsets page. The VIDAPAY Marketplace. Or the VIDAPAY footer, at the bottom of every
page. Look for the “Return Request” button. Great, you’ve made it to the Return Request
Portal. Here you can view a printable version of the
return policy, validate an item, select a return reason, and add shipping information
prior to submitting a request. All devices for return must be validated prior
to submission. Please view the VIDAPAY return policy for
device validation rules. You must enter the device serial number and
select a return reason in order to validate and add a device. After entering the information, click “Validate
and Add” and the device will be displayed in the return queue. Keep in mind that only valid products can
be added; while invalid products will display an error message. Once a device is in the return queue, you
may remove the device, validate and add a new device, or move on to shipping information. Before submitting your return, you
are required to select a shipping carrier and provide a valid tracking number. Once all the devices in your return queue
have the proper information, you are now able to submit your request. Click “Agree and Submit”, to agree to
the VIDAPAY return terms and conditions and to submit your return request. A packing slip will be generated when a request
is successfully submitted. Each device will be assigned an individual
RMA number. You may look up your RMA
status by going to the “Recent Transactions” drop-down menu and selecting “Device Returns” There are 3 different RMA order statuses Pending, Successful, and Failed. And that’s how to return on a handset, on Now we hope you use these tips to get the most out of your VIDAPAY experience. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service department. We’re happy to help.

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