weBoost Drive 4G-M | weBoost 470108 Cell Phone Signal Booster

weBoost Drive 4G-M is a wireless signal amplifier
for use in your car or truck. It is a fantastic car or truck accessory because it boosts voice
and data 3G and 4G LTE reception for all phones and mobile data devices such as tablets and
laptops in the car, simultaneously! It keeps yours and the phones of all passengers in
your car connected to their respective carrier’s cell phone tower in the vicinity. It is easy
to install with complete instructions included in the package along with toll free phone
support. Buy part number weBoost 470108 today, at cell phone signal booster dot us!

6 Replies to “weBoost Drive 4G-M | weBoost 470108 Cell Phone Signal Booster

  1. I do a lot of driving out where there isn't much reception, so, for a young woman driving alone, this may be a necessity, for my own safety!

  2. I have a rogers wireless phone, my brother a Telus wireless phone and once we installed this weboost drive our reception went through the roof! couldn't believe it at first until I also tried it with an Bell wireless phone and a Fido. Whew!

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