What Is 5G? Bill Nye Explains 5G Coverage | T-Mobile

Greetings, Bill Nye here. 5G is so futuristic and so out there I’m going to let this thought-powered pizza drone explain how it works. Oh, that’s right, there’s no such thing because 5G is brand new. There’s so much talk about what 5G might become, but not a lot of understanding about what it actually is. So first let’s talk about signal. What your 5G can do depends a lot on what signal your 5G runs on. In fact, there are three categories of signal bands. There’s high-band, mid-band and low-band. The low-band 600MHz signal is the foundation of T- Mobile’s 5G network, much like light blue lab coats are the foundation of my fashion sense. But let’s back up a bit. What is 5G exactly? Well, it just stands for 5th generation wireless technology. Each generation gets faster, is more reliable and every G has changed our lives in small and really big ways. Oh, my elevator. Let’s take this to find out more about 600MHz signal and 5G. Because T-Mobile’s 5G is built on this low-band signal it can penetrate walls. I mean, not in a wrecking-ball-through-your-living-room-kind-of-way, more in the way light goes through glass. And all that really means is you get a lot better coverage in buildings like this one. Hello! I love doing that. Or your mom’s basement. Oh dude, you just got pwned, man. Well you’re putting in the hours Keep it up, there. Other carriers have 5G signals that drop if you move two feet, That’s because their 5G is based around millimeter wave, otherwise known as high-band. For instance, this is how far 5G reaches with other carriers. Excuse me, may I? 4G. 5G. 4G. 5G. Just put this back. Just takes a second. There’s a third spectrum called mid-band that’s fast and works even better around town, but isn’t so great out in the country. Mmm. Egg salad. So why does 5G from T-Mobile use low-band? No signal reaches farther or is more reliable than 600MHz. Like in New York, LA, Newark, Las Vegas, El Paso, Albuquerque, and, in fact, it’s in over 5000 cities and towns. T-Mobile has 1 million square miles of 5G coverage that gives 5G access to 200 million people and counting. So to sum up, T-Mobile’s Nationwide 5G reaches more people in more places, and no 5G signal is more reliable. Class dismissed. Hey, can I keep this?

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  1. All y'all saying "you can just not get 5g" are a jok, once upon a you could internet on 3g with no issues, now if your phone runs out of 4g service and is running 3g you basically dont have internet
    Basically once 5g is the norm 4g wont be usable

  2. Not a scientist, just a tv personality. First was used for kids education, and now that us kids are old enough, they’re using him for marketing on us again. Why didn’t he talk about any of the negative affects? Because it’s not about science it’s about sales

  3. Disadvantages and advantages to the different types of 5g. Range and speed have an inverse relationship. The high frequency/short wavelength will allow for high data throughput. So if you live in an area where you are mostly covered by WiFi and high 5g speeds, other networks may appeal to you. However if you are a city hopper and don’t need crazy high speeds, just something slightly better then 4g, t-mobile may prove ideal for you.

  4. I don’t trust a thing this man says anymore! Bill… there is only an X and Y chromosome! Stop pushing false science to help promote the fairytale that is LGBTQXYZ

  5. Go to T-Mobile today to sign yourself up for the largest broad-scale social experiment ever.

    They’re expecting you, you’ve been conditioned for it.

    Have a great day!😉😁

  6. He’s the guy who taught us as kids that the chromosomes were the two factors that determine gender, years later, he’s out there saying that gender is NOT determine by it and it is instead up to the person to determine his/her gender? I mean, my point is that his reputation as a credible person has been destroyed by HIMSELF, not by others and that’s why I wouldn’t trust him to be a spokesperson for a new product, idea or etc.. let alone to trust him

  7. Linus from linus tech tips has already tested T-Mobiles 5g and it uses millimeter wave and drops back to 4g lte without line of sight to the tower

  8. But will it be as fast as 4g was before LTE slowed us down? 😂 used to be able to watch 1080p vids with just 7Mbps and now with LTE’s 40Mbps it stops to load every 10 seconds…

  9. He is a fake science guy who couldn't explain climate change to tucker Carlson bill is a big insult to actual smart people

  10. why is Bill Nye endorsing 5G? he knows very well how this will affect meteorologist and their work. what kind of a scientist is he?!

  11. In elementary school in science when they busted out that big boxy t.v and the blue screen came on you instantly knew its bill Nye the science guy time lol

  12. Interesting how they never mentioned safety concerns. It's almost like if they had any evidence that it was safe, they would have bill "explain" why that was. Although this video wasn't really meant to explain anything…

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