What's the Cheapest Cellphone Carrier? (Republic Wireless, Textnow, Simple Mobile, Project Fi)

hello guys Eric here and for those of you who know me or have been watching my channel for a while you know that I've been through quite a few different carriers and quite a few different phones so in the past two years I've been through four budget carriers so let me run you down on all of them and what I thought of each the first carrier I ever used was republic Wireless the most part it's a pretty typical network although its prices are very competitive ranging from a minimum of five dollars to at most 45 every time you're connected to internet all of your texting and calls will go through that which made it very cheap for them but there were a couple of problems with that for starters they had to make their own custom version of Android the version of Android didn't actually change any of the features it just made sure that you can easily switch between Internet and cellular but there was a couple problems from that republic Wireless definitely wasn't perfect other than the fact that the phone itself was expensive I didn't get my KitKat update for the 2013 Moto X until about eight months after its release my parents are still using republic Wireless totally fine they love it it's very cheap and it's overall really good for people who aren't particularly heavy users or techies but for me I had to move on not only because I didn't like republic Wireless but because two of my phones from them had broken that means that my Moto X 2013 and 2014 which were the only two phones they supported had both broken within the year and a half that I had been with them I wasn't going to keep investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars into phones so I reached out to Alcatel and asked for the idol three they sent it over as a review unit and I'm very gracious for that from there on out I went to my second carrier which isn't really even a carrier I just used text now for free I would watch ads every day so by at the time I was done using text now I had about 300 minutes built up you got unlimited incoming calls and unlimited texting when you're on Wi-Fi if I was in a place where I didn't have Wi-Fi I could ask a friend or I just went into a public establishment and I just asked if I could use their phone it was simple it was nice but not having actual service couldn't last forever so I moved on to my next care I had heard about this carrier in an Austin Evans video and excited to give it a try and that's simple mobile probably seemed simple mobile before there the carrier that you'll see SIM cards for when you're walking out of a store in the place where I used to think they would only tell chocolate I paid $25 a month for unlimited talk and text with no data but it was worth it there's a t-mobile subsidiary so it worked on the Alcatel Idol 3 with the GSM band perfectly fine I was able to swap out my sim when I got the Nexus 6p with no problem and overall I just really liked working with simple mobile eventually I got tired of not having data so I went around looking for the best budget unlimited data plans out there I didn't really care about speeds and I found two different carriers the first was the t-mobile secret plan it's $30 a month I went and inquired about it and it seemed pretty interesting but then I found Google fine now I am a Google fanboy I absolutely love every Google product so when I heard about Google Phi and its concepts I was very interested project Phi is a collaboration between Google t-mobile and Sprint where you'll switch between t-mobile and Sprint towers wherever you have better reception for one or the other it only works with Nexus devices but I had my Nexus 6p and still have my Nexus 6p and I love it the best part about Google Phi is that while it's not technically labeled as a budget carrier it's a pay for what you get carrier that means it's $10 for every gig you use there's no overages and if you use less than a gig you'll get credit restored on your account so your next bill is cheaper I'm paying $25 a month right now same thing with simple mobile for unlimited talk and text and I use as much data as I need which isn't too much it's enough if I need to look up a map or call a quick uber that was a quick synopsis of every budget carrier I've been on this has taught me one thing do you really do pay for quality it costs a lot to get a great carrier and that's probably why I was switching back and forth so much but I definitely can recommend simple mobile project I public wireless and text now to four different types of people republic Wireless the person who is in a techie who just needs functionality text now for the kid like my little brother who their parents don't want to buy them cell reception but they still want to talk with their friends simple mobile for somebody who wants something simple cheap and fast and project five for the person who doesn't want to lose reception and who wants to make sure that they're only paying for what they're using if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you didn't try me a comment down below why you didn't this is Eric and I more videos coming your way

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