WWE Network just got better

[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Seth Rollins has won in every
WrestleMania that he’s been a part of.>>For 11 years. [MUSIC] The greatest live event in entertainment. [MUSIC]

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  1. WWE Network should also add more features that are found in other streaming services like Downloads, Autoplay Previews, Multi-User Support and Watchlist.

  2. That was… whatever. I want to actually know the new features. Maybe you can do a compare with the old version or something.

  3. is the resolution stills 720p ?.because I believe the have of the population who watched WWE deserve a better quality picture like 1080p.or 2160p.I think you guys know what I mean…I'm a fan of the wwe for 21 years I love watchin wwe in high resolution don't you guys had enough of Feeding Fans bad resolution wrestling.We are not in the nineties .in is bad enough you guys stop Sale Blu-ray

  4. Yeah great update I’m in Canada and the app is now useless to me so why am I paying wwe my money? I’m gonna unsubscribe if they don’t get this fixed fast and it’ll be really hard to get me to resubscribe

  5. It really didn't tho. I just opened the app to watch a PPV, and it started playing in German. I've never messed with the audio settings. Then it kept buffering every time i tried to do something. The new style is hot garbage and I wish y'all would put it back to normal

  6. I just want Raw and Smackdown Live to play while airing, because I know that there are many people who dont have cable but still love WWE

  7. Yeah pretty good WWE but why can't it remember my place on a programme when I lock my phone?? Why have I got to try and find where I was on the show??

  8. Looks very nice but the app crashes every 10 to 15 mins while I’m watching something on my Roku format. Never once had that problem before.

  9. Its worse! The interface is slow and the hidden gems category is gone. Why change something that was perfectly good? The new update sucks!

  10. And deleting past Thunder episodes is now a thing. They deleted the one with David Arquette as World Champion

  11. Needs a search system like YouTube, if I wanna watch a match I should be able to click on it straight away, not click on the event then skip through and find the match.

  12. In Canada you can’t get WWE network unless you have basic cable TV. Who tf watches TV? It’s all about streaming now

  13. Ever since the update app has been crash A LOT Im not abale to cast LIVE shows to my googlecast, I was watching 205 and the audio didnt match the video wtf

  14. I cant even watch videos on my laptop. It will not let me click on anything. Im paying for something that doesnt even work. Got a prepaid card too so that moneys down the toliet.

  15. With TV deals we'll never get Raw or Smackdown air live on the network, from a business decision Fox and USA wont allow that. But since hulu gets to get a day after it airs why cant we get a full unedited version on the Network? Also what I really wanted was the ability to make curated match playlists, which surprisingly no streaming service offers.

  16. more Like WWE NETWORK, Just got WORSE, i loved wwe network before this whole stupid updation, now I am highly not satisfied, with the new Network.

  17. I can’t cancel the network. Anyone else getting this issue? Says they’re still updating the network.

  18. Your Email & password to watch WWE Network on Demand without subscribe within 10-day free trial

  19. Smackdown or Raw will never be on there due to tv rights fox has acquired so at the moment unless they lose their tv deal raw and smack down is a tv exclusive.

  20. Did anyone else lose there MY LIST feature? Is there a way to go back to the old version?, i hate the navigation on the PS4

  21. But I'm paying practically the same price that Raw and SmackDown are worth in a cable subscription

    You wanna fix ratings, you allow network subscribers to tune in live. I CANT be the only one who has the network but no cable subscription. We may be the numbers you need but arent compensating for. And youre getting our money anyway so– why not consider? (I understand if USA/FOX have clauses or anything which permits the exclusivity. But if not, then really, what the hell?)

    Just a thought, WWE. Just a simple thought.

  22. It crashed almost instantly after I started watching NXT and now it will not even start back up. It didn’t get better, it got worse

  23. After the update the network has gotten so much more worse that, if it stays like this im unsubscribeing. Just too much hassle.

  24. I HATE the new WWE Network… on the original version I could full screen from my iPad, now I can’t. If I can’t full screen the Network on my iPad within 7 days I will cancel my subscription!

  25. My main issue is that I was using a reddit page to watch WWE/WCW chronologically from 1996 onwards, but now the links dont work, it is easier to search for things on there now though. If you like watching the trash they call WWE these days then the new update is probably awesome.

  26. I like the new design, but i have some problems with the app, because on the WWE network web page i dont have any complications, but i have them on the app. Can some one help me out on how to work the app? Are you using the web page now?

  27. After 3 months away I subscribed back to the network and the new update us awful. The live events keeps stopping and randomly fast forwarding they are unwatchable. I'm unsubscribing.

  28. Thanks wwe for making my chromecast not accessible on iOS preventing me from watching wwe network on my tv with my family. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  29. I cannot watch it on my desktop or laptop and it buffers constantly on my PS4 making it unwatchable. So tell me, how is this better? I'm about to cancel my subscription.

  30. How to I cancel my Network Subscription I’ve kept trying but the Cancel Plan isn’t working and they continue to take my monthly payment

  31. Is it possible to search for complete feuds? For Example Bret Hart Vs
    Steve Austin. I expect to find all Raw shows and PPVs matching.
    Otherwise it is completely random to watch old shows and find what you
    are searching for

  32. This update is honestly really pretty but it’s so not user friendly it hurts. Can’t even skip to the end of matches anymore, the timing is off on everything and 9 times out of 10 the audio is not correctly synced with the show. :/ It’s weird hearing the crowd yell “BOOM” when Adam Cole is still on the ramp 😂😂

  33. Maybe if it wasn’t so glitchy and would let me watch stuff over again after I completed it that would be nice

  34. Way to F us Canadians Vince now I can’t even use the app and we have less then 50% of the network content if that. Thank you Vince for another screw job in Canada.

  35. I just bought a Wwe network prepaid card & was about to redeem it but Its not letting me cause they dont allow automatic renewals So i have to wait to my current subscription ends.freaken rediculous.

  36. i cancelled my subscription cos got sick of having to sign in multiple times a day, then when im watching something i get the non bearer token screen multiple times a day, having to refresh my browser with every video i watch or it wont play and the biggest problem of all having to wait a month for new raw and smackdown shows to be put on the network, i want to watch tonights Raw tonight not next month and to me that is not acceptable!

  37. and i keep hearing about hulu that it gets the priority to new shows, that is totally stupid because not everyone can get hulu.

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